Wow, a standup version of a Huss Rainbow ride.

Not sure if this is Huss's work, but according to the link of this picture, this is the only standup version of this particular type of ride in the world and it resides in Spain.

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My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I would say definitely not Huss.

I suppose a ride like this would have tremendous capacity having eliminated those pesky lap bar issues!

A while back I saw (somewhere) a swinging ship with stand up cages at the ends of the boat. I'll try to find it.

Wow! That's pretty crazy lookin!

I don't know if it's still there, but SFMM had this tweety bird ride, and the kids stand in the little cages as the thing went around. It was really cute to watch, but If I was on it as a kid, I probably would have wanted to sit down.

Didn't Knott's, Great Adventure, SFOG and SFOT all have stand-up parachute rides? I remember riding a couple of them, don't think they're around any more.

Coming to Kennywood in 2008...


IIRC the ride with the stand up cages is a travelling ride in Spain.

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You would never see this ride in the states. Not the way it looks now sans any restraints other than the hard steel of the cages. Reminds me of the old 'swinging cage' rides that used to frequent fairs and carnivals. They seemed to disappear right around the time I would've been old enough to fail miserably at swinging the over the top.
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Can you imagine the airtime......
Swingin' Cage Ride! Geez... I think Kiddieland in Indiana had one of those. I don't remember much about them. Anyone know where we can find some pics?
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Wow! It almost looks painful!
This is not a Huss ride.
There used to be a trend in some countries to add stand-up capacities to their rides. Most of it was done by the rideĀ“s owners themselves.
The pictured ride looks like a self-made transformation of a some italian Falling Star/Rainbow ride.

The above mentioned swinging ship with stand-up rows (afaik the cage is in the middle of the ship) is also a selfmade creation.

A dutch showman added single stand up gondolas to a Hully Gully/Trabant. Watch it here:
Its so insane! I want one!


I remember those from when I was a kid. Pretty much extinct now, there was one for sale on ebay not too long ago. Problem is riders would lose their grip or balance and get slammed around inside the cage on a quick upswing.

Back in the mid 70s I remember seeing a friend of the family get scraped up on one. Wasn't bad, he and his parents laughed about and and we all ran off to another ride. If that happened today people would be on speed dial with a lawyer.

Hey! Where'd you find that RatherGoodBear!???

Wow! hehehe, so crazy!
I never saw one operarte, I used to think you actually went upside down.

Sure as heck, those wouldn't last a second these days.

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I think there'd be more of a concern of riders having a stroke or heart attack exerting themselves to get the cage to move. These rides were "interactive" long before the term became popular.

J7, I just googled "swinging gym," and there it was. One of the other links that came up was a previous thread on here dedicated to them.

I remember seeing two of these-- Knoebels had one, and a dairy bar near my home had one for a few years as well.

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tricktrack, that trabant is INSANE! You see that girl just sit up on the edge like that?

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Insane. Especially the Flying Prison Cell ride.

At some point (probably about 20-something years ago) the amusement industry seemed to conclude that if things were good when you were sitting down, they'd be even better if you were standing up. It didn't take long for the message to circulate that standing wasn't a great thing and this is proof that the message clearly wasn't heard by all ;)

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