Would you like to see classic attractions brought back to a Universal Orlando 3rd park or Horror Monsters?

I know universal studios Florida have definitely moved on from their old retro classic rides like Jaws, Konfrontation, Back to the Future, Earthquake, Ghostbusters, Terminator, but I was thinking about possibly bringing back some of these oldies over to a third or fourth Universal Orlando park. But with a different storyline and possibly have a plot themed from another sequel from either of these classic films. Like create a hill valley version from back to the future, and create amity island but this time in an New England setting not San Francisco. Possibly riding Quint's Orca boat as a possible attraction. Earthquake could be done in a few ways maybe as a San Francisco setting outside riding a trolley. It would just be cool to see a retro area in a fourth Universal gate but highly unlikely I know just a thought. I want to see Terminator return since it is still relevant yet another film is coming out with Linda Hamilton coming back next year. With all the new technology no one knows it could be possible bring back some actual universal main titles to a new park. Or even consider a all universal horror monsters section at a fourth gate. I know their are newer IP's that are likely to appear at a new universal park like super nintendo world, Jurassic world, lord of the rings, star trek, fantastic beasts-more Harry potter related, and even a DreamWorks themed area. Just wanted to know your guys thoughts on all of this thanks!

If Universal thought the rides were worth having they would not have been removed.

Also, paragraphs.

Yes I know their is ET Advernture which is still around I guess it is somewhat popular for right now.

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I actually like the idea. Resurrect Dueling Dragons as well.

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Not really. Universal is better now than it ever was when those attractions were around. I look forward to what they come up with.

Losing Dueling Dragons was a major bummer, but the replacement is the type of attraction they are going for. Other than Dragons, I can't say I really miss anything else they have removed - save for hologram Christopher Walken.

If only there had been a way to keep Dragons and lose Rip Ride Rockit

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JAWS was a huge bummer, it was a favorite of mine at those parks for sure. I'd take it any day over the Harry Potter stuff that flooded the park. I like the old school, cheesy attractions brought to life by the 'actors'. It was just fun. Riding JAWS during HHN with the darkness and fog was just magical. I don't mind the IOA HP stuff, but once it expanded to both parks... Meh.

Dragons was another bummer... Especially considering what is going up right now to replace it. I wish they rebuilt Dragons instead of Hulk, honestly...

So yeah, Dragons and JAWS are the two biggest losses.

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Ok. I completely wasn't even thinking of Jaws for some reason. Jaws > Potter by a mile. Although we are probably the minority.

Jaws. Definitely Jaws.

I can't say I'm nostalgic for many older Universal rides but there's something to be said for those that didn't rely on 3D images on screens. Too many of the newer attractions are way too similar in execution: get a pair of glasses, board a ride vehicle that doesn't move much, watch something happen on a screen, get sprayed with water, and get out. I noted this when I rode Transformers and Spiderman within hours of each other. Compared to Transformers, the Spiderman ride vehicle moved around a lot more, and it made a hell of a difference in the experience. Attractions like Jaws, Revenge of the Mummy, and E.T. are (were) fun because the physical sets are so effective at placing the rider in the middle of the action. It's more real than virtual reality.

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E.T. and Jaws are more silly than they are immersive. The only thing Jaws really had going for it was the spieler hamming it up. Without that it was an eye rolling experience. Kong and the Harry Potter rides to a far better job at immersing you into their universes.

I guess when I say "immersive", I'm talking about a physical set. While Escape from Gringotts is fun, I can't help but think it's a VR ride, rolling from screen to screen.

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