Worth Staying on Sight at CP for early rides?

Thursday, June 19, 2003 1:44 PM
I was just wondering if anybody knows any details about this. I have read that guest staying on the on sight resorts get in a hour earlier than the puplic but i was wondering if all the rides are going or just a couple and is there still a wait for those rides??
Thursday, June 19, 2003 2:02 PM
It's a half hour and honestly, given my experience with it this year, I'd have to say no.

We stayed at the Breakers Express, got let in a half hour early and were at the marnia gate, TTD was down because it's so reliable lol, so we went to MF (MF and Magnum were the two ERT rides for the morning).

We get to MF, and there are about 8 trains in front of us for the front row. Well CP only runs one train with guests loaded in it for this "ERT" party, and the other two are sent around with water dummies.

This creates an unecessary line, imo. A ride op I spoke with said they do it becuase they are worried about it rolling back. They said they have to have a line before the allow guests on the other two trains.

Well, the line was allll the way down the ramp and almost to the queue entrance. They didn't even start letting people ON the ride until 9:13am (ERT started at 9am), and then ran one train til around 9:25am. We got one ride on MF and the line was already at about 35mins when we exited.

If you like Magnum, I bet that had no on over there, so you could ride til your hearts content (getting out of the train and walking around, mind you). But for MF, it was a wash, basically, and I certainly won't spend more money to stay on CP property for that "perk."

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Thursday, June 19, 2003 2:09 PM
thanks, I wish they would do somthing like at IOA were if you stay there you show your room key at the ride and you get to go into the "fastpass" line like WDW, I thought it might be a good idea it would get more people staying at there resorts and they have so many coasters it would get people moving around
Thursday, June 19, 2003 2:16 PM
At coastermania, they closed the MF line to the Coastermania people and the resort guests had their way w/ MF @ 9am. Granted MF was running for a few hours when they got their turn, so they had 3 trains running. However, when us coastermaniacs first go there, they were running 2 trains w/ the 3rd having water dummies in it for a couple trips before they went to 3 all-people trains.
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Thursday, June 19, 2003 2:38 PM
I have had varied success with the Joe Cool Club early entry (which is the same as the Resort Guest early entry).

One time I managed 3 rides on MF before 9.30 :), on another occasion I only got 1 ride. Mostly its been good for 2 rides for me.

However, it is a weird thing that they only have 2 of the 3 trains available for riders during the morning ERT thing - particularly when the line is down the ramp and well through the rest of the queue area within about 5 minutes of the park gates opening for JCC and Resort Guests.

It's also very frustrating that the switch from 2 to 3 trains seems to take up a good 15% of the ERT time too....

It's a neat concept, but don't go expecting that you'll be one of only 30 riders on the platform and will get to stay in your seat for 5 laps.


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Thursday, June 19, 2003 2:44 PM
When I went last year WT was closed so it was Raptor and MF, both had 3 trains.

Unfortunately I made a HUGE mistake and didn't wait for the front because I was too obsessed with getting on the damn thing.

Also my first ride I didn't get to hear the MF song because the train was already in the station (it automatically comes on when the train from the unload comes to the load). First train out so I didn't here the music :( second ride I did though. The music from 2000 was better though...

I loved breakers because not only was there 1/2 hour before the park opened, but also its so close! If you are tired you can "go to your room!" or if you want to sneak in a few rides on maggie go ahead. Its just so great.

Thursday, June 19, 2003 2:47 PM
Yah, just make sure you get up around 8, and when you see the peanuts guys at the Fridays breakfast, RUN!!!!!!!!

Okay, had to do that. Anyway definatly do it. It got me on MF at 10:30.

Thursday, June 19, 2003 7:37 PM
Worth staying for the early entry? No.

Worth it for about 100 other reasons? Yup!

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Thursday, June 19, 2003 7:41 PM
Was at BrEx recently and appreciated the extra half hour, as it meant getting on MF w/ little wait, and TTD ended up opening shortly thereafter, and that was a short wait as well. Of course, it helped that it was raining right up until shortly before 9am, so it kept the crowds light. There are only 2 coasters running, but if you only have 1 day, I would do it. If your at CP for an extended stay, then save the bucks and find something cheaper.

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