Worst Park in the US

Out of the US parks you have each been to, which parks would you consider the worst? Also, please give me a reason why they are so bad.

Please don't bash people for saying a park, and you think it's great. It's their opinion.

The cardinal rule is that you should contribute if you start a thread.

Personally I've enjoyed all of the parks I've been to. To give a parks name would say that I don't like it, so it would be hypocritical for me to name one.

All parks are good for their own reasons.

There is one I don't like, but I won't mention Magic Mountain by name, that would be mean and cliché.

There are three parks that don't really excite me. Some people would be really shocked with my decisions. They are EPCOT, SFKK, and Universal Studios.

3rd Worst: At EPCOT, there is one ride that I think is great, and that's Test Track. There isn't enough to do there for me, and thus I don't like to go back there when I'm at Disney World.

2nd Worst: At SFKK, I also found many rides to not be that exciting. They just got rid of the Chaos in which I loved. Even with that ride there, there is still very little. Yes, there maybe 20 some rides, but they weren't doing anything for me. The Road Runner Express was the only ride doing it for me over there.

Worst: For Universal Studios, the rides get really boring for me like the Mummy, Shrek 3D, Jaws, and even E.T. I do like Back to the Future, and Men and Black. Supposedly, Back to the Future is going, and Men in Black isn't that reridable for me. So, I say forget it. This is the Studio part, and not Islands. This is the Orlando one.

Yes, I do mostly go for the rides. I'm not a show person to say the least. And no, the rides do not have to be roller coasters to be good. I am as much as roller coaster fanatic as a flat fanatic. The next park before EPCOT would be Animal Kingdom. They have one great ride in Dinosaur for me, and good ride in it's Tough to Be A Bug. I do like another show, but it would be the 4th worst parks.

Parks I think are the best are 1)Six Flags Over Georgia 2) Six Flags Magic Mountain 3) Six Flags Great America 4) Cedar Point 5) Six Flags St. Louis 6)Disneyland 7) Magic Kingdom 8) Cypress Gardens 9)Disney's California Adventure and it continues

Those are my opinons of course.

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Oh man, I LOVE EPCOT. MGM Studios was the Disney park I didn't enjoy much back in the day before it had a coaster. Even with the new coaster (which I still have yet to ride), I'd rather go back to The COT. There may only be one "thrill ride", but there plenty of rides there. Don't forget the secret, hidden flume ride in World Showcase. ;)

Out of all the big ride parks, PGA, SFGAdv and SFA are my least favorites. SFGADv won't likely be seeing me for a long time. My one visit to SFA was very disappointing. However, I really want to get back there and try it again. The same goes for PGA, which has flyers now. Need I say more? ;)

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This thread is a disaster waiting to happen.

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We don't do superlatives here. Sorry.

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