Worst Behavior in Queue Lines

So, I'm at KI currently and since it's labor day, it's busier than usual. Earlier, I was in the FOF queue, when a group of girls and they're boyfriends started pushing past people. I decided to confront them (as FOF is an hour wait on a good day, and that line jumping is stupid), and was told to "**** off." they made they're way into the spaceship and then decided to pick a fight with some people who wouldn't let them past. No fists were thrown because the ride attendants called security and dispersed the situation, but it left me wondering. How often do guests behave horribly and if y'all could share some stories about it.

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I had a line-jumping experience at Flight of Fear a few years ago too. Here's my PointBuzz post about it. And follow-up post indicating I wasn't so much upset in the This-Ruined-My-Day sense, rather just taken aback at what I'd just witnessed. I'll never forget that call-and-response yell the two kids made.

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It's been well over a decade, but I had a couple visits to Six Flags America and Dorney Park where line jumping was rampant. Only one time do I recall a couple line jumpers getting kicked out of the queue (right as they stepped onto the platform), resulting in much rejoicing by everyone they skipped past. That was on Dorney's Wild Mouse.

One day, some years ago, we had waited long enough for Millennium Force and when we were about halfway up the ramp here he came from behind. He was a really big guy, was well dressed and had plenty of gold jewelry. He had a young lady with him who looked totally embarrassed while he said “Excuse me, I gotta get up there, I left my watch”....“Excuse me, I gotta get my watch”. Finally the other line standers (who I’m sure felt they had also waited enough) started shouting loudly until the ride ops in the station noticed. When we got to the platform he and a female ride op were still arguing and she wasn’t letting him ride. His date was silent. Presently the police came up the exit and escorted them off the ride and I’ll assume out of the park.

Nice try, sir, but.... a watch? Yes, we can see the bling, but c’mon.

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In line for GhostRider some years back. Innocent enough when it is just one person letting a couple of friends into line. But then those friends let a couple of their friends in. Those friends let their friends in, and on it goes.... Now the whole field trip of kids is getting in line in front of us. Who do we tell to get out of line now? It is up to the parks to manage it, and they didn't at all.

I experienced one of my big pet peeves this weekend at Cedar Point. Someone with their phone on their shoulder blaring music. Please bring headphones if you want to listen to music, cause odds are most around you dont listen to what you prefer.

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Twenty something male, in an hour long queue for the Beast, taking a leak into a souvenir cup

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What a beast!

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