Worlds of Fun Opening Day 2003

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My visit started as the gates opened that morning at Worlds of Fun. They opened the gates and let everybody in and my friend and I started off in the Africa section to get 1st ride of the season on Mamba.

Mamba is WOF's star attraction. It is a 205ft. hypercoaster that debuted in 1998. It's a long ride to the top of the 1st hill but the 1st drop is awsome! You also get a huge amount of air time on the second drop. Mamba is just like Magnum at Cedar Point in the begining of the ride, but the turn around is a giant double helix with the best headchoppers ever. After the double helix you hit the mid course break run and get lots of air time going up and down camel back hills the rest of the ride. All together I would give Mamba a 9 out of 10 rating and think it has a better ride than Magnum.

We rode Mamba once more that morning and then moved on to the Americana Section. We started by riding WOF's double space shot towers detonator. Detonator is a good ride for low intensity riders but I would recomend Power Tower over it. Next we went to ride Timberwolf, the park's only wooden coaster. Timberwolf had a mindbogling ride, but the intensity of the ride makes up for it. It features a 560 degree helix, with a 100ft. 1st drop. It has pleanty of great hills and sharp turns.

After Timberwolf we headed out of Americana by riding a ride called Cyclone Sam's which is like an indoor version of Chaos, and Thunderhawk which is a Gravitron ride that shoots water at you while riding( which can be comforting on a hot day but not on a cold day like when we went there. Americana also features a 180ft. sky coaster and Grand Prix Racing, along with many other less intense rides.

Next up was the Orient section of the park. The Orient section has one good ride which is Orient Express. Orient Express features the only interlocking loops in the world. It has a very smooth intense ride, but iit got stuck a couple of times on the lift hill, it might have been because it was opening day and they hadn't got the bugs out or something.

The Scandinavia and Europa section have alot of family rides, but nothing a thrill seeker would want to ride. So we headed back to the Africa section and ride the Boomerang coaster which isn't different from any other Vekroma Boomerang model.

By the time we got back to Mamba the park was almost deserted because all of the bus loads of people had gone. There was no line for the incrediable hypercoaster at all. We were able to ride it 30 times before finally leaving.

In conclusion, I would say Worlds of Fun is a very nice park with some good attractions. After the bus loads of people leave there is pretty much no line for any ride. The park was very clean and the staff were also very good. You have to remember when you go that WOF is no Cedar Point. I would give it an 8 out of 10 overall.

Mamba is not like magnum... at all... it is not old and aarow... Also the lochness monster has interlocking loops. glad you like the park.
FYI, Cyclone Sam's is a Wipeout, and Thunderhawk is a TopSpin. Anyways, good TR. Looks like WoF is off to a great start this year.
Did you know that the Detonator is the first Space Shot built? I used to go to WoF's Opening Day for years (yes, they were usually cool/cold days and hardly anybody at the park) except I missed last year and this year. Nice trip report and glad you like WoF.

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