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Looks like Cedar Fair is implementing the Smoking areas everywhere.

Fresh Paint, New Food, Renovated bathrooms. That's about sums it up.
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They really need to publicize the smoking ban more. Hell, Cedar Point hasn't even made the announcement yet.

They need to have it up on the front page of all their websites with links to all the policy information. They needed to put it in all the brochures (the CP ones say nothing). They need to make it known to everyone.

Who remembers the no loose article policy Cedar Point put into place at the start of the 2005 season? If you can't, don't feel bad. They didn't publicize it except for fliers they threw at you when you paid for parking. No guests knew about it so they all complained and it was eventually stopped.

Good or bad idea in the first place, they didn't tell anyone and were surprised when guests came to the park expecting to take their stuff on all the rides.

They better have a better plan for the No Smoking rule. Six Flags didn't pull it off so well, hopefully Cedar Fair can do better but minimal publicity isn't a good way to start.

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