Worlds of Fun Notes 7/10/2015

My son and I were in Kansas City for a Rush Concert Thursday night and decided to hit Worlds of Fun for a bit on Friday before heading back home. I have a Platinum Pass (from CP) so I bought a discounted ticket online for my son. Interestingly, the lady at the parking toll told me she had never seen a pass design like mine before. I told her it was from Cedar Point...She said she had never heard of that park !(lol) We got to the park about 11:30, and had no wait at the turnstiles.

Rain was threatening when we got there but we jumped in the line for Patriot anyway One train operation to start with. Terrible dispatch times and lots of unfilled seats despite a long line. They really needed a grouper or someone to at least make some order in the station. People waiting for the front and back had the whole station clogged and it was a fight to get to another row. They did add a second train prior to us getting on but still lots of rows with only two people. Ugh. Crews was not real efficient. Starting to rain as we got off the ride.

Timber Wolf was already down because of the light rain so we headed back towards Mamba. Since it was raining pretty hard we ducked into Coasters for lunch and to wait for the rain to lighten up. we did two laps on Mamba after lunch. Efficient crew here with two-trains running. The second half of the ride and the bunny hills seems to be getting a little bumpy compared to my last visit a couple years ago. Could have been where we were sitting.....We weren't being picky about seats so just took the middle both times. Rain stopped completely during the second ride.

Headed to Prowler after that.Great crew on this ride but the ride-op in the control booth was a bit much. Apparently he thinks he's a stand-up comedian or something. It was entertaining but it was absolute non-stop banter complete with strange voices, noises, etc. If I was on that crew I might go insane listening to that the whole shift. I still really like this ride. It's just aggressive enough to be fun without beating you up.

We skipped Boomerang....I just have never cared for this ride. Way to much head-banging for me, especially on the reverse circuit and I'll normally ride anything.

My son (who's actually adult age) had never been on a spinning coaster so we decided to head up to Spinning Dragons. Long line with only one car on the circuit at a time. Didn't they use to run more than one car at a time? The throughput on this ride was so slow it wasn't worth any we didn't. 4 people every 3 minutes does not work!

We gave Steelhawk a whirl after that. Fun ride as always and a good way to dry off from the earlier rain shower. One ride wait and pretty efficient operation.My son had never been on one of these but was a little apprehensive about the height. Once we were moving...No problem. Seemed like a slightly shorter cycle than Windseeker at CP, might have just been perception.

Timber Wolf was still down but testing but decided not to wait it out. We hit Mamba and Prowler again and then Patriot on the way out. Still terrible dispatch times and station management on Patriot.

WoF is one of those parks I'll visit if I happen to be in the area (it's really only 4.5 hours away) but it's certainly not a destination visit for me like Cedar Point, Kings Island or some of the Six Flags parks. I guess I'm spoiled.

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