Worlds of Fun July 23, 2017

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In an unexpected text message, one of my friends invited me for a short excursion to Worlds of Fun with a couple other friends. I was overjoyed of course, and gladly accepted the request. One three hour drive later, we were at the park. I thought Worlds of Fun did a splendid job revamping their front entrance. It's no big chain Cedar Fair entrance, but all the buildings look pretty slick in a fresh gold paint. Also they added a digital Welcome screen, which I thought was cool to see there. We bought our locker, and jumped around for a bit before Oceans of Fun. We kickoffed our day easy with a ride of the Sea Dragon. Prowler came next. I consider this a good GCI, but not as good as Renegade at Valleyfair (which I think is extremely underrated). We rode Boomerang next. Because I know a flipping thing about Vekoma Boomerangs, my plan was to ride once for the day just to get that feeling of "I can say I did it". To my chagrin, my friends loved the ride! This was a confirmation of their GP status. I'm sorry, but the Boomerangs just do not compete in the roller coaster hunt. We trekked back near our locker and hit up Patriot. Prior to riding, I regarded this as either my first or second favorite roller coaster ever. However, this ride seemed a little less intense than I remember. I was even in the back row left side. Nevertheless, what is not to love about B&M Inverts; I had a great lap. We took a quick stop at the locker, hit up Viking Voyager, and entered Oceans of Fun. Really the only thing worth noting in OOF is on a personal note. For the first time, I tried a slide from the Proslide Skybox complex. I had never been on a slide where the floor dropped out, and it was an exhilarating experience! Back at Worlds of Fun, we ate at Panda Express. During our digesting time, we took a rough ride on Fury of the Nile. Moral of the story: do not wear a hat on this attraction. Most high thrill rides smartly suggest to remove all hats, loose articles, blah, blah, blah. Fury of the Nile should encourage the same thing. During our rapid float, we hit something wrong and my friend's souvenir Hawaiian hat flew off his head and into the water. The entertaining part was watching the hat float just as fast as our raft through the water. It was so close as we all tried to reach it, but we did not prevail. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Why would he wear a souvenir, nice hat to a theme park where the chances of something happening to it are larger than most other places?" Yes, I had that thought too. With Mamba being as close as it is to Fury of the Nile, we needed to ride. Front row Mamba was really fun! A great drop, tons of airtime, and a long ride made Mamba to be perhaps the best ride all day. This Morgan hyper has some fight! We walked to Timberwolf soon after our ride on Mamba. It has a nice drop, but that is about the only positive I can think of. Surprisingly, I hopped on the Bamboozler next. I never thought I would ride this ever, but I did and it was ok. Spinning Dragons was across the way, so we hit that up after already being dizzied from the previous ride. I believe the common notion is Pandemoniums get the nod over Spinning Dragons. I would have to agree. After spinning for the second ride in a row, we concurred to make it three with a try on the rotor, Finnish Fling. Rotors are unique concepts, and it was a cool ride. With our day coming to and end, we took one more ride on the Boomerang (I know...), and were detonated on Detonater. I appreciate the feeling of being thrusted skyward at a rapid velocity, so I has not disappointed. That ended our day at Worlds of Fun. If you have not visited the park, I suggest that you do; the park makes a wonderful first impression. This was my third time at WOF, and would go back again!

Cole Mingo

(AKA Barry Allen and Niles Crane amalgamated).

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Paragraphs, my friend.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

I never understood bashing friends and family and complaining about being superior to them with roller coaster knowledge and enthusiast status. Who cares if they liked the boomerang? They had fun, isn't that why they went to the park?

On another note, I want to go to Worlds of Fun for the sole purpose of riding Finnish Fling. I have actually looked at flights from Orlando to Kansas City just to ride a Rotor again...

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