Worlds of Fun carousel has a mysterious past

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When it comes to the 85-year-old, hand-carved wooden carousel opening at Worlds of Fun, with its vivid (some might say gaudy) color palette and spectacular, spirited steeds (check out the gold leaf and glass jewels)... well, mysteries abound.

Read more from The Kansas City Star.

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Mysterious? Not really. It has been more or less confirmed that it was built up from parts on hand, (as mentioned in the article) some from trade ins, to beat out Wm. H. Dentzel for the midway contract at the Sesquicentennial. Dentzel was building a new machine and missed out on the deadline. This carousel would be sold to Kennywood in the Fall of 1926 and delivered in the Spring of '27.

As far as the Surpeme vs. Superb debate, it has more attributes of a the latter than the former.

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I have been riding this carousel since the early 70's when I was a little child and it has always been magnificent. Sadly for many years it was not kept in the best of condition, to see this complete refurbishment is amazing. I only wish it were still in Ohio, its proper home, for all to enjoy. Hopefully the guests of Worlds of Fun will appreciate it as much as all those who cherished it when it was at Geauga Lake.

I am kind of sad to see this ride go as I rode it many times at Geauga Lake as well. However, i am glad to see it is being preserved and given a proper treatment to make a grand return.

I only wish that they actually used the older style organs to keep the music playing with all the parts being original. I was super thrilled to ride the Knoebels grand carousel when i was there, because of all of the tradition being attached to it, which made the ride which keep the times attached to it. Carousels to me are like the heart and soul of a park, because they are that one ride that most people can ride from about 3-103. They are a tradition and really it does kind of look or at least seem wierd when a park doesnt have one.

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As has been pointed out elsewhere on this subject, the original organ that this machine came with was destroyed in a shop fire back in the 1950's. Untill Funtime bought the Stinson organ in the 1980's they relied upon recordings. The Stinson is a great sounding organ and it does use pipes blown with air to produce sound. The rest of it the public doesn't see anyway, especially with the facade that organ has (which by the way is the one that Illions carved).

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I like the first descriptor - "spectacular". I fell in love with that machine the first time I saw it...SFWoA was quite a park (for the brief period that it existed).

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

This now only leaves Michigan's Adventure without a "real" carousel in the Cedar Fair lineup. Somehow, however, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

You never know, there are a number of them on the market right now......

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