Worlds of Fun 8/11 (long)

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Monday, August 13, 2001 10:11 AM
Overall park impression: The park seemed to be very clean with decent themeing, friendly ride ops, and a nice park atmosphere.

Mamba: This ride is absolutely terrific. It has an awesome first drop, an even better second drop with lots of floating airtime, a spiraling helix with the best headchopper effect on any coaster I've ever been on, and many camblebacks to complete this Morgan masterpiece.

Timber Wolf: This ride is just an average woodie with below average speed. After the small brake on the first hill the rest of the ride is just slow with a little airtime thrown in every once and a while. Very dissapointing ride.

Orient Express: This coaster has a great first drop and nice speed which is enhanced by the prescence of trees. The interlocking loops are smooth but the rest of the inversions aren't.

Boomerang: Standard Vekoma boomerang.

Finnish Fling: Excellent classic spinning barrel ride.

Viking Voyager: Below average log flume that is very short but has a decent drop.

Detanator: Twin tower double space shot ride. Very fun as always.

I really enjoyed my day at the park and found that riding Mamba was worth the admission price alone!
Monday, August 13, 2001 10:43 AM
I think you just rode Timber Wolf at a bad time or on a bad day. It was plenty fast when I rode it + airtime galore. It impressed me enough to put it in my top 5. Ride it at night for even more speed, as well as the added effect of riding in the dark !

Current favorite coasters:
Wooden: 1) Beast 2) Raven 3) Son of Beast 4) The Boss 5) Timber Wolf
Steel: 1) Raging Bull 2) Millennium Force 3) V2 4) Wild Thing 5) Mr. Freeze
Monday, August 13, 2001 2:27 PM
I think I did ride at a bad time because I have ridden Timber Wolf before and absolutely loved it. I don't know what happened.
Monday, August 13, 2001 2:43 PM
Do they always run the brake on the 1st drop? The one time I went to WOF I could have sworn it was off.
Monday, August 13, 2001 4:57 PM
I think that sometimes the brake is off. I went in '97 and also could have swore the brake was off.

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