World's Of Fun 8-17-06

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My trip to WOF was pretty short this Thursday. Swoosh I didn't warm them and didn't ever figure out what you were talking about.

We got there around 11am went on Spinning Dragons which was bout a 5 min wait. Not much to say about SD I rode it 5 times and me and my friend decided it spins more atleast in our case it spins more when 2 people are side by side and the other side is empty.

Then we went to Patriot every row was a walk on except front which was only a one train wait at most. Making it very easy for several re rides without even leaveing my seat unless it were to get back in line for front row every once and awhile. I got 15 total rides and enjoyed everyone of them and noticed a big difference in speed as they day went on and the track warmed up. Also we had stopped on the lift hill twice during seperate rides. I assumed they were doing this to wait til the other train was further along the track as the 2 trains were two close because they dispatched it a bit early? The staff was very friendly and fast on this ride. Total rides this season 24.

River Rapids longest wait on the day maybe 10 minute wait. I got soaked yay. Still think this ride is somewhat boring but my friend wanted to ride it so yea.

I finally found what I think is the best value in the park at The All Stars grill up by the front gate over looking Viking Voyager. Chicken Fingers meal w/ fries for $7.99. So much food even I(260lbs) Couldn't eat it all.

The park didn't even fill half the main parking and I'm asuming school has started in KC. That being the reason for that.

Timberwolf was closed the whole time we were there and I don't care for Mamba or boomerang. So we were in and out in 4hrs. Not a bad day at the park.

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