Worlds of Fun 6/2/14--Anyone know what's up (down) with Patriot?

I spent 7 hours at Worlds of Fun Monday. The park has been getting quite a few negative comments and reviews so far this season, even on its own Facebook page. It was hot, but there were light crowds, and I had a pretty decent day. I won't give a detailed play-by-play but rather mention highlights report some observations.

At the entrance turnstiles (not the ticket booths) are signs indicating which rides are closed for the day. They listed Steelhawk (as we all know, it's the transplanted Windseeker from Knott's that's way behind schedule) and Patriot. I found this a little surprising, given B&M's reliability record, and disappointing, as Patriot is one of the top three rides at the park.

One of the most common complaints is the price of food. It is what it is, and yes it's outrageously expensive. For example, a sandwich and fries at Chickie's and Pete's will set one back nearly $20. A 20 oz bottle from a vending machine (including water) is $3.75. A sandwich at Subway comes in at around $12.

Prowler was running beautifully--fast and intense. As was Mamba. Boomerang is Boomerang. Timberwolf has apparently had a few triangular wheels put on its PTCs. It has been insanely and uncomfortably rough for some time now, and today was no exception. Even down the first drop, it feels like the track has potholes. I was in the back and could see (and feel) the severity of the guide wheel 'hunting' on the curves as the cars slammed back and forth between the rails. Ouch. Prowler, Mamba, and Timberwolf were all one-train operation, but lines weren't bad thanks to light Monday crowds. Spinning Dragons was running five cars, but was stacking very badly, as more often than not one car would complete the entire course before another was dispatched.

Steelhawk is where the go-carts used to be. The area has been transformed nicely, but out in front of the ride are two huge contraptions that look like they might be the evacuation apparatus. Surely this won't be the permanent home for these things. There were maintenance men all over the ride. The seats are covered with plastic wrap, and there are sandbags, tools, and various whatnots strewn about the pad. Looks like it has a ways to go.

At Patriot, both trains were in the maintenance area just past the brake run, and men were on a cherry picker working on the track in the valley after the Immelman. It was a little disconcerting seeing and hearing a grinder being used on B&M track. Anyone know what's going on?

Dinosaurs Alive was closed. Sea Dragon was also closed all day, though not mentioned out front. I went by several times, and they just had a chain across the entrance, no op or the usual "This ride is closed" sign. Also, many trees have been removed from behind Sea Dragon, leaving a rather unsightly sandy area.

The park was a bit untidy, with some trash and lots of landscaping debris on the path edges. Several of the cigarette butt receptacles in the smoking areas were literally overflowing, and those things hold a lot of butts. I didn't see very many sweeper kids out and about. Several smaller shops and concession stands were closed, and more than one game area had one employee manning multiple games. Staffing issues, perhaps? Many people have commented on rude employees. I saw a few who looked like they were uninterested in being there, but didn't encounter any rudeness. Some were quite friendly. The new British Invasion show was very well done.

At the Coaster Mayhem event last season, the park maintenance director gave a little speech and had a Q&A session. The deplorable condition of the asphalt pathways original to the park was mentioned. They look every bit their age. Also brought up was how Mamba is in dire need of new paint. Several sections of track were cut out and replaced (reportedly to be sent in for testing) and they didn't bother to paint the replacement pieces, which are a strange yellowish color. It has been like this for several seasons now. The maintenance director mentioned how Viking Voyager is in desperate need of new troughs, and how Timberwolf needs major retracking. Well, there was enough wood to build new fences around Timberwolf's queue, but no major retracking has been done. I imagine they can only accomplish what CF allows or budgets.

Overall, it was an enjoyable day thanks to Mamba and Prowler. Anyone in the know about Patriot?

Hi, Well, that was great information about Worlds of Fun. I was thinking of going there, seeming as how I love CedarFair parks. But, what itsounds like at that park, yikes!, I think I will go to several more parks before I go here! Rides broken down, rides not working the way they should, expensive food, that sounds terrible! No, I do not know what's up with Patriot! It sounds like I'm not going to want to go to this park.

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I think Patriot is back open. WoF just posted something on Facebook a few days ago with some folks riding it.

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I'm planning to make a visit to Worlds Of Fun on July 24th. I'm hoping steel hawk will be open by then has it been open yet? One reason I would like to visit mostly also mostly for Prowler and Patriot. Is the park worth going for one day? I'm planning to visit till open till 7:00pm then drive down to Six Flag St Louis staying there on Friday July 25th all day. I'm wondering if I should by pass Worlds Of Fun drive down to Silver Dollar City first then go to Six Flags St Louis on Friday. Map quest says its only 3 hours from Silver Dollar City to Six Flags St Louis. Coming from the twin cities map quest says it's only nine hours 42 minutes 642.00 miles.

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