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Just went to WOF. We stayed in one of the cabins and it was great.they look really small from the outside but the room was ok for 6 of note though on the website it says you can walk to either park which isnt really a good idea .Unless you like LONG walks.better to drive instead.

Patriot was awesome.the only wait was for the front which was maybe six minutes. Also waited about that for cyclone sams.

Tried the backyard barbecue and wasnt year well eat in one of the restaurants.

We were talking to the operator for the snoopy bounce at the end of the night and found out operators get free admission to any parks in the chain. That would be so cool! *** Edited 8/11/2006 3:04:17 PM UTC by chris1970*** *** Edited 8/11/2006 3:04:37 PM UTC by chris1970***

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