Worlds of Fun 2010 Tidbits and Clues

It looks like a members only kind of thing.

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Actually it looks more like an April Fools joke! :)

Darn CF and their upcharges. Im boycotting 2010 :)

If you click on the info link..... you get this.....

KansasCity, MO: What began as a young man's musings grows to major source ofamusement park's capital. Debuting today, April 1, 2009, Hot Air: TheOfficial Blog of Worlds of Fun converts to Premium Content, a fee-basedapplication on an annual basis.

For just $34.99, less than thecost of a single day ticket, guests will have access to small pictures,humorous jokes, and sporadic content, at an increase of only $34.99more than in 2008.

"Premium Content Blogs are a way for us toimprove the guest experience," states Nick Guevel, Director ofMarketing at Worlds of Fun. "The stuff we used to give away for freewill now help us fund other projects, such as lavish and extravagantManagement retreats and bonuses."

Premium content subscribersalso receive other benefits, including access to TramJam, a VIP clublocated beneath All Stars Grill, and Gold Pass holders who subscribereceive a VIP Hot Air jacket.

Brandon Stanley, PR guy and authorof Hot Air Light and Hot Air Premium, claims "Am I surprised that I'mone of Cedar Fairs top revenue streams? Not really. I know my blogideas are worth a million bucks."

Worlds of Fun opens April 18 but this April Fools joke is only funny for a few days.

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