World's First Stand Up Wooden Coaster


This could be the future of roller coasters! ;)

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Since Mathyou beat me to this by minutes.. I removed mine. Good find though.

Silly people out there...

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This guy has skated coasters before.

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I see World's most severely torn groin in his near future. Hand bars or not one snag and he's done for.

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Here's live footage of him skating Mammut:

Does anybody want to see him skate Goliath or Titan at SFOT or SFMM? Imagine the G's he would feel on his legs. His femurs would probably snap.

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The thing that immediately surprises me is that the skates run on the outside of the track whereas a coaster car would only run on the inside. I would think that the outside face of the track wouldn't be in great conition.

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Does he have to do any work or is it all gravity? I would think he would have to do some pumping on his own because he weighs less than a heavy train.

Amnesiac, You can see it in the video that he is doing some pumping. I am sure if he hadn't pumped at the bottom of that first drop he wouldn't have made that turnaround. It look like he just barely made it as it was. That was pretty ballsy indeed. Makes me want to customize my old Powell, and see if Hershey would let me give it a go on the Comet! ;) I think skateboarding one would be more challenging, but It could be done on the Comet. Wouldn't try the Wildcat or Lightning Racer though.

I guess what I meant was I am wondering more about how does he pump as it doesn't look like you can move your legs side to side in the traditional roller skating technique.

Could you imagine doing this on Voyage, one would be really tired after that long track...

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How did he stop at the end?


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The lift hill must have been quite painful!

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No doubt...his chain dog must be really sore!

I'd like to see if he could do it on Mean Streak. Then again, he might not be THAT crazy.

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I think his pants would have some mean streaks in them if he tried that.

Ba-dum BUM!

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Love it! Guy must have strong knees.

Imagine inlining thru a flying turns like kids did at Euclid Beach with roller skates.

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WOW! that is a little to much! But if someone would approve that as a ride, well i would be one to try it!

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I wonder how rough SOB would be to this guy?

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