World's Fastest Zip Line

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Here. I am so booking a trip to South Africa!
Looks great! I've been on a zipline before.... This is probably 2-3 times the size though. Sign me up!
It's too bad you can't save Abe Lincoln at the end. *** Edited 1/18/2008 2:32:28 PM UTC by VitaminsAndGravy***

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Can I come with ya, Mamoosh. That looks so awesome and very fun.

Chris Knight

Why does it look like the rider coasted to a stop well before the end of the line?
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The line probably ascends at the end. Hold up a shoelace.

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Things to do in summer 2010 in South Africa:
1. World Cup in South Africa
2. Ridiculous Zip Lin in SA
3. See Great White from shark cage in SA

One Love

Would LOVE to ride this!
The ziplines I've ridden had some type of braking system at the end. In the video it looks like this guy is still very high off the ground and in the middle of nowhere.
The very last frame or two you can see someone walking up to him with some sort of device as he's over that cleared area they showed from the "fly by" when he flew past at the beginning. I'm assuming he flies up the line, toward wherever the other end of the cable is anchored, then coasts backwards down to that cleared area, which is probably the lowest point.
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That looks SO fun. :)


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There is a better POV here. At the other end of the line is a tower. Friction and the uphill climb scrubs off speed. Then you roll back towards the low point and disembark. I would think the fins attached to the rider's feet (you'll see them at the very beginning of the first clip) can be used for wind resistance to help brake.

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That looks so damn fun.
Those who want to visit this, the official site is here:

Well, after watching one of the other videos about South Africa's crime rate--50 people murdered a day and 15,000 people murdered a year, I think I'll stay in the good old United States.

I work with a woman originally from South Africa and her American husband is my boss. I'd be interested to get their opinions on whether or not things are safe over there or not. She was due to return on Friday from a two-week family vacation, and I'm sure she could give me the lowdown.

It's probably no mistake that most of her siblings and relatives live in the United States.

As long as you stay in the "safe" areas, it's usually fine. There is quite a tourist boom in South Africa.
The price per person is about $43 USD... that's about the same price as an Orlando Skycoaster ride here. Not bad!
From 2002-2004 the US averaged about 45 murders per day. No more thrill rides in the US for you Intamin Fan?
The population of South Africa is only about 50 Million when compared to the 300 Million we have here in the US.

To have a comparable murder rate we would need a murder rate of 330 a day, an increase of 600%!

Not to mention the land area of the US is nearly ten times that of South Africa.

In short when compared to the US then yes I would say I would be careful when going to South Africa, then again I wouldn't recommend going to some areas of Detroit or Toledo either.

-Brent "Social Sciences" Kneebush

-Brent Kneebush

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Mamoosh said:
Here. I am so booking a trip to South Africa!

Cheater. ;)

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