Working At Cedar Point?

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I was thinking of applying for a job at Cedar Point. I was reading older posts that make it sound like a bad idea. Though a majority of the employees there seem happy. If I did get a job there, I would need to be have employee housing. How much do they charge for that? I assumed it was free.

I'm thinking either in admissions, or one of the stores in the park, or food service. I was a cashier at Meijer for 15 years, and have tons of retail and restaurant experience. Do not want to be a ride operator, or any work where I am in the sun all day. (I burn like a lobster.) I could also be an arcade host. Or work at one of the resorts.

I could also work at Michigan's Adventure, but they don't offer housing. And, it would probably cost me more to drive there every day then I would make. But, I have certainly thought about it.

I need to get some kind of job, as my mother passed away last week, and left me with the house, and a mountain of bills. Though I am 48, and wondering if I am too old to work for either park. Though I have always wanted to work at an amusement park.

When I was 18, I applied for a job working at Disneyland in California, and they sent me a letter and told me I was hired, and what day to show up for fitting, and housing assignment. then my dad would not pay for a bus or plane ticket to get me there. So, I had to call the hiring lady back, and tell her I could not come. One of the saddest moments of my life. But, now I have my own car, so i can do whatever I want! So screw you dad!!! (Just kidding...may he rest in piece, with my mom and my brother Dennis, who died in 2012 of brain cancer.)

I didn't do it! I swear!!

You really need to go look over at PointBuzz for this info. You'll find most if not all the answers to your queries.

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Thanks Dutchman. I'll check it out.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Perhaps you could work in the sunscreen shop?

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Sorry to hear about your mother.

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I will say that if the cost of housing is in any way comparable to what it was when I worked there (2006), it's borderline insignificant even for the best housing.

I was a Ride Operator (Top Thrill Dragster, baby!), so admittedly I don't have the best info on what life is like in the other departments, but an amusement park is a cool place to work. I didn't have the best experience, to be perfectly honest, due to leaders who at least appeared to let personal relationships dictate who got what assignments and such, but to offer a brighter side of things, I was part of a wonderful crew. There was little to no drama and we made an effort to develop unity and pride as a crew, so that was awesome. My leads were great and I've stayed in touch with several of my former crew members.

Honestly, there are much worse places you could work, and with someone like Ouimet in charge (to say nothing of some great colleagues from Geauga Lake who are now at CP), I'm sure it's even better now.

Also, my sincerest condolences about the loss of your mother. I'll keep you in my prayers.

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Me too. When I lost my mother it was absolutely the saddest day of my life. But, then again, I never had to call the lady at Disneyland back...

Pointbuzz might be a good source for you in this search, and they have an entire page called Employee Lounge that's dedicated to questions and concerns that incoming employees have. Beware, though, there's a lot to sift through there- it's mostly "why haven't they called me back?" and "I'm looking for a roommate" kind of stuff.

My concern for you might be your age. Not that I'm an ageist, but it is mostly college kids there and I'm not sure you're gonna like it. (you're kind of known, around here at least, as an unhappy customer, just sayin') and I'm not sure what the park's policies are around age limits as far as things like housing goes.

I do know your room and board is deducted from your paycheck.

Good luck.

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Hey RCMAC when I worked for Meijer, our store had 600 employees, and back during the bagger days, I worked with lots of kids around the age of 14. Funny thing is, I actually had a 19 year old girl ask me out on a date, until i told her I was old enough to be her dad. Then she said well then, forget I asked! LOL!! I worked with a lot of different types of people in those 15 years, and out of hundreds, there was only a few people I had a problem with, and the ladies all loved me. One of my best friends was a lady from lebanon, who not many of the other people talked to. Though she was quite funny.

But, I know that working with a bunch of hormone driven teenagers probably won't be the best experience. But, I have tough skin. Look at all the stuff that has been said about me here, doesn't bother me one bit. I have a wicked sense of humor. I'm a kid at heart, in fact the kids that I worked with at Meijer, thought I was a nut. But always made them smile.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Sorry for your's never easy.

I can't speak for exactly what it'd be like for you to work there, but from what I hear from my friends that have worked there, it seems to be a blast. Just list all your past experiences on your resume and hope for the best.

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All jokes and things aside, I'm sorry to hear about your mother, T-R.

Sorry to hear about your mother. You have my sympathy.

Give Cedar Point a try. You will be surprised how many "older" people they hire. Many of whom live in the dorms.

My condolences on the loss of your mom. My thoughts are with you during this time.

I don't really have any amusement park employer experience, but I'd imagine that they'd be happy to find someone a little older who takes his job a bit more seriously than many of the kids that work there. Definitely can't hurt to try. Best of luck to you.

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I always kind of assumed that the housing was for the college age kids who are doing it as a summer job and need temporary housing. I think it's not whether you can stand to *work* with a majority of teens, but whether or not you can *live* with them. It might be an awful lot like living in a college dorm, which was fun as hell when I was in college, but would probably be my worst nightmare now that I'm on the backside of my 30's.

If you have a car you would bring, you might be better off trying to find a room for rent. Cost would probably be about the same, but with a lot more privacy, quiet, etc.

No matter where you end up, good luck with the job search, and I too am sorry for your loss. It has to be rough.

Timber-rider...... I am 55 years old and LOVE roller coasters. My best guess would be that you would be unhappy with the pay scale at your age. Parks appear to hire the very young and pay them near dirt. Unless you inherited a large amount of money (I think maybe you did) You are gonna be poor at 48 working at an amusement park. I am sorry for your loss of your mother. I have been there and done that years ago buddy. Good luck in your decisions.

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Most importantly, I am very sorry for your loss, Timber.

Now on to the happier stuff. I worked at Cedar point for three seasons. My last season was 2006, so this info could be outdated by now.

Housing was somewhere between $15 and $30 a week, depending on where you decided to live. They deduct the money right from your paycheck. Cedars was the cheapest, and I lived there one season. It's more like camping than anything. Only one of the Cedars building has heat/AC, so you have to get lucky to get that. I found a few private showers that I used sometimes in the heated building, because the public showers are pretty uncomfortable. It's just a room with a bunch of halfway opened curtains and shower heads spraying from above. ((((SHIVER)))

Wherever you stay, you will be living with other people. Other people can be slobs, or hard to get along with, or stinky, or slobs. If you don't know who you are staying with, you will be living with strangers. It's kind of uncomfortable for some people.

The people who work and live at Cedar Point tend to be younger, but a few older people are there too, so you won't be completely out of place. Younger people tend to like to party, and drink, and get drunk, and party, so be forewarned. Not everyone likes to party though, so you may find some non-partying friends to hang out with.

If your experience is anything like mine, you WILL feel like you live in a prison, and you WILL feel trapped into finishing your "contract." You can't bring guests into the living complex unless they work there. You have to stand in line to be allowed to enter the living complex, which can get annoying if you have just worked 16 hours and just want to go to bed.

Sex! Sex! Did I mention SEX? You will have many opportunities for SEX, if you want it. It's a hobby to release some of the stress one may find working there causes. It's kind of nasty how much SEX happens all around. Good nasty or bad nasty, it's your call. lol

If you work in food service, you might not be allowed you breaks required by law, and you might have to eat food that is intended for customers while you are cooking it, which is a violation of law, but if you are hungry, you need to eat to stay alive.

People who attend to the restrooms and the garbage get paid more. In my day, it was $1 extra an hour. If the sun is your enemy, you might want to consider working overnight, which I think also pays a little more.

But ride host positions is where it's at. That's the most beloved job at the park, and the most exciting for a people person such as yourself. If you feel like you don't want to be responsible for people safety on a entertainment machine, you could always work at the dinosaur attraction or something. The kiddy rides are safe enough. You just have one button. if you can run a cash register, you'd be just fine with a kiddy ride. You just have to watch the little brats.

Then again, the arcade sounds interesting.

Oh, DO NOT EVEN TALK TO ANYONE WEARING A GREEN TAG! They are minors. I know most adult people like to talk to teenagers because it reminds them of when they were a kid, and they mean no harm at all, but this can get you in trouble. It will be drilled in your head. Do not talk to them.

A lot of stuff will be drilled into your head. Safety. Courtesy. Cleanliness. Service. These four cornerstones come together to make Integrity.

Expect many very long days and expect to be very tired. It is not unusual to work 15+ hour shifts, six days a week. If you enjoy your free time, it can be hard, but the paychecks are nice.

Good luck with your decision. You will make so many new memories and friendships that will last forever. It's very difficult, but it might be worth it.

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I would agree with a lot of that information, especially about the Sex! Sex!

One time on a visit to CP I found myself sitting on a bench next to a nice gal who was waiting for her teenagers to go on a ride. The conversation went like this:

Me: Cedar Point sure is great, ain't it?
Her: Oh yes, I've always loved it here, in fact I worked here when I was younger.
Me: Hey, me too!
Her: My daughter over there is heading for college and she's begging me to let her work here, but the answer is no.
Me: Why?!? It's so much fun, I had a blast, made new friends,...

She just stared at me, with this sort of half smile.

Me: Ooohhhh, yeah. There is "that". Probably best to find her a job closer to home.
Her: Riiiiight...

So, everyone's getting lucky. And I would imagine that occasionally includes the 48 year olds. (I would definitely put in for Cedars if I were you, TR.)

Maybe CP housing is sensitive to the age thing, and attempts to group older seasonals that qualify for housing together. I know that would be my preference.

I've seriously thought about taking a fall season sometime and working as a Screamster, just for fun and a little extra money. But there's no way I'd stay there, the drive would be too long, and a motel would kill the paycheck.

(but I have heard Screamster sex is hot...)

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This thread has taken an unfortunate and now creepy turn.

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Yeah, ...


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I find this thread educational. I now know never to let my kids work at an amusement park that offers housing.

But won't you likely be sending them to a college that offers housing at about the same age they would be seeking to work at an amusement park that offers housing?

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