Wooden coaster model now available

The Comet from CoasterDynamix www.coasterdynamix.com is in stock and ready to ship. This HO scale working model is available in kit form directly from our site. Happy Holidays!
It's on my list. I hope somebody is checking it twice!
Does this mean that Ripple Rock Amusment Park is about to see a major expansion?

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So has anyone tried a custom coaster using this model (and more of them) yet? What are the limitations of making your own layout with the components given?

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Yeah, Ripple Rock has been in need of a major expansion for some time. The CD coaster is just the catalyst I need.

I'm interested in customizing the coaster though that would probably take a lot of bravery to cut apart a $160 item with no guarantee of success.

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millrace said:I'm interested in customizing the coaster though that would probably take a lot of bravery to cut apart a $160 item with no guarantee of success.

King's Island feels your pain... :)

Ripple Rock is getting a wood coaster? It's about time! That dump has been begging for a new ride for years!
"That dump" finally has five of its 11 rides operational as well as numerous other upgrades, including lighting.

That's a better record than most Six Flags parks!

True... it's pretty rare that Great Adventure has 5 of its 50 rides operational! But you should really be looking at a launched coaster, I'm thinking something from Intamin.
I'm close to finished with my Comet, just having some issues with the train making it up the 2nd hill and issues with the lift guide wiche turns out to be very hard to get correctly installed. But, it's a really nice looking model and I hope to get it installed in my park before Christmas.

I don't think customization of the layout is much of an option since the track is rigid and can't be customized. But, hopefully CD puts out a larger model woodie in the future.

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"track is rigid and can't be customized."

Ok that was what I was wondering about. I was hoping the track was flexible and the bents were customizable. Maybe in the future...pretty please.

I'd really like to get one of these too, but the layout is just too short. I'd rather drop $500 on one three times the size of the current model. Their next model should be of the Kemah woodie! :)

Do the comet trains have upstops? If not, that will probably be an issue for customizing in the future.

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No, no upstops, they basically look like flanged model train wheels.

I too would pay $500 or more for a larger version. Something like Phoenix or Blue Streak (CP)...nice long out and back. I think a Twister would be too hard unless they changed the way the train works.

No upstops on the cars just flanged wheels like on a regular HO Train.

The bents are in several set lenghts and the base is molded like hills to make the elevation changes.

Like said above the track is molded in (I think 6) pieces that are pretty rigid. I imangine you could probably heat them up to bend them for a custom layout but I doubt the train would ever run on them since the wheels are so tiny and they would need to be precise. I don't think you could ever build a Thunderhead or any other crazy twister but somthing like Wild One or Racer at PKI could probably be done with 2 or 3 kits alot of patience, planning and alot of cutting. Bunny hops would never fly though.

Chris Gray made a bad ass halloween themed decrepit Comet. It's wicked looking.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Intead of trying to make a custom layout I'd sooner just go nuts with theming.

Yeah, it would probably be easier to build from scratch than attempt to use the track. Maybee you could use the trains and lift, but still you would need to duplicate the track pretty dead-on for the trains to run on it.
Looks like a fun build.

I'm impressed with the trains.

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Mine arrived today, it's so much smaller than I thought! Looking forward to building it though.


Nothing to see here. Move along.

How big is the footprint for it?

Photo's can be deceiving.

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It's platform is 12"X 27" and about 10"-12" tall which works out to roughly a 90' tall coaster in HO.

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The Death Comet pics look awesome. I remember riding that at Williams Grove. ;)

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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