Wood Coaster Trains and the "Squeeze Play"

Monday, July 22, 2002 10:38 AM

Is it just me... are wood coaster train seats getting tighter... or, sitting behind a desk all day long, is my butt just getting wider?

Not sure what trains Kennywood's Jack Rabbit run, but the only wooden trains I have run into are PTC's, NAD's, and Melinium (sp) Flyers. The old NAD bench seats are fine, as are the M-Flyer seats. But those PTC seats. On friday I had my wallet in my one pocket and a disposable camera in my other, and when I sat down in the seats on Knoebels Twister I had to shift everything forward so I could fit. Phoenix was not as bad (loser divider), but still a tight fit. I know of people who have problems (even to the point of not being able to ride) coasters with PTC trains because of this... even though they can ride any other coaster train out there.

My questions are...

1) Other than PTC, NAD and M-Flyers, what types of wooden coaster trains and seats are out there and what are they like. I know of Morgans and Gerstalut (or how ever it is spelled)... but what are these like as far as roominess goes.

2) Why do PTC's have to be so tight while M-Flyers are so roomie (at least in comparrison)?

Face it, call ourselves what we want, but to the parks we are all "GP".

Monday, July 22, 2002 10:48 AM

1. The G-Trains and Morgans (as far as I remember, this may be off) are somewhat more "roomy," as they don't have dividers. It's more of a bucket-seat type thing. The pay-off is that neither offer the level of comfort the PTCs do in regards to padding.

2. I've never had any problems with the "newer" PTCs that have been specifically designed to accomodate a divider. The ones that seem to be problematic are the trains whose existence started as single bench models and then were retrofitted to have dividers.

If you think Twister's trains are tight, try out the torcher device known as the Georgia Cyclone. Ouch! Great ride, horrible trains.

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Monday, July 22, 2002 12:14 PM

Gerstlauers="ouchy"....the bucketed seats are a cool idea, but have they never heard of padding....seat dividers are fine if you're not particularly fond of the person seated next to you....;), but chris is right about the retrofitted dividers. Generally, even when snug, PTC's are pretty comfy for me...I'll get to try out the M-flyers shortly.....:)

Oh, and I also notice the seats are getting smaller and smaller as I cruise on in to "middle-age" in my not-so-graceful fashion....

Monday, July 22, 2002 4:17 PM
Morgan's lap bars leave you with far less room than PTC's dividers. The ops have to staple you to satisfy the safeties if you are suffering from middle age waist line growth.

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