Wonder Woman single-rail roller coaster set to open at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas will open to the public the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster this weekend. Instead of riding a set of two rails like traditional coasters, its narrow trains will soar along one 15.5-inch-wide steel track. It will be the world's first single-rail coaster.

Read more and see video from KHOU/Houston.

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I would soooo love to try one of these. I can’t think of a recent innovation that has intrigued me more. But sadly, neither Texas or California are on my travel list this year. I’ve never been to Great America and I haven’t been to Fiesta Texas in decades. I’d pick up all kinds of credits at either one.

From vids I’ve seen the ride looks like it really whips around the track, and the back seat looks impossible. The sensation of absolutely nothing to your left OR right with no visible track must be something. I’ve heard it’s kind of painful, one enthusiast report I read somewhere said that after a few rides his shoulders were almost bleeding.

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Am really looking forward to riding this. Was surprised that Fiesta Texas didn't hold a media event for it. Oh no, painful? We shall see. I make it to Fiesta Texas about once a year b/c it's such a beautiful park and b/c it's the home of my 2nd favorite coaster (Iron Rattler) but that will probably have to wait until late September b/c during the height of the coaster season SAT is just too bloody hot.


The media event was this morning.

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@bigboy: lol! Thanks for letting me know. I know that they held a preview for season pass holders last week and the media event is usually before that but I guess there's always an exception.


If I remember correctly, the media event was postponed and they went ahead and had the pass holder previews as scheduled.

I didn't realize until looking at pics earlier today that the train sits astride of the rail so that you are sitting just inches off of it. I bet that creates a pretty unique experience.

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I'm about 20 min for CGA and have been anxiously awaiting the opening of RailBlazer. The park desperately needs something (anything) with any airtime. GCI twisty-air doesn't count.

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“A few rides” was actually about 10, as I understand it. Who is going to be riding this that many times in one day?

Well, nobody, really. Because Capacity!

In my opinion ten times is a lot but shouldn’t be considered excessive or impossible, especially for an enthusiast. I rode Time Traveler at least ten times and I wasn’t bleeding.

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But Time Traveler doesn't have OTS restraints.


Correct. See? It’s possible.
And to be fair in that analysis, Time Traveler doesn’t feature severe airtime. (That first drop, tho...)
What it does have is very comfortable cars/trains engineered by Mack with over the head lap bars that hold up to drops, inversions, sudden launches, and spins. If the Raptor rides are injurious after however-many rides, then that’s something less than desirable.

Um, someone is forgetting the s-curve hill after the vertical loop, that gets you a really big forceful airtime moment, especially if your car is spinning.

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