Wonder Woman : Flight of Courage vs Jersey Devil

I had my first ever visit to SFGadv on Tues 7/5/2022 and got to ride Jersey Devil, then enjoyed Wonder Woman on Passholder Preview Day Fri 7/15. My ride on JD was more impacted by the unusual restraints, as my hip flexors were not prepared. About a week before WW:FOC opened I started doing daily stretches to prepare my old joints for what was coming. No I'm not joking. I think this really helped my enjoyment of WW:FOC.

Passholder Preview Day started a bit bumpy, they held us at the entrance to DC Universe for 30 minutes as the event didn't start till 11 for some odd reason, and they didn't open a minute early. We were only about 100 people from the front, while waiting to enter DCU I took our drink bottles, hats, and phones to the lockers at Scream as I anticipated a back-up at WW's lockers. Once they opened the ride the line moved glacially because of... guess what... a backup at the in-queue lockers. Most trains were going out 2/3 empty, none more than half full. After about 30 minutes with very little progress they started letting people with no loose articles (like me!) jump into the Flash Lane queue and go up to the platform.

Anyway this isn't a TR... here's what you came for. The setting of the ride gives it a lot more energy than Jersey Devil. JD has a beautiful setting out in the pine forest, but WW:FOC's position right down the midway in the middle of everything makes it feel more kinetic. Like JD, it feels like it could use one more inversion, but the two additional overbanked hills leading into the break run add a surprising extra kick at the end. Overall a solid mid-tier addition to SFMM's coaster lineup.

Now that they have 20 coasters it occurs to me that when Apocalypse opens from its refurb, if someone could talk their way onto Magic Flyer (a Bradley and Kaye kiddie coaster that does not allow riders over 54" even as companions) they would be the world record holder for most individual coasters ridden in a single amusement park in one day. Maybe this is something we should arrange with ACE and Guinness?

"I've been born again my whole life." -SAVED

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