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Anyone else notice the water turned back on at the very top of Victoria falls??.. Definitely Nice to see! Also, Behemoth is a killer ride.. CW deserved it =)

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There were talks of the falls being fixed in early june and they've been back on since at least early july.

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The falls were operating on my visit, July 4.
I just noticed this today and it looks really cool. Was my first time ever seeing it. An employee said the upper part of the falls hasn't been operational in something like 10 years.
Does anyone remember when you could walk up the mountain on a series of paths almost to the top? That part of the attraction closed, I believe, when Vortex was built. The paths are still visible when you ride it.
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I noticed the paths while going up Vortex's lift and wondered if there had been some sort of walking attraction. Thanks RCMAC :)
There used to also be a "walk-behind-the-falls" option as well. You can see the area where people could walk behind the main falls, and the entries which were covered over with wood. There were apparantly too many "slip-and-fall" issues with the wet area.

There are also about half a dozen or so other waterfalls around the sides and back of the mountain that are not in working order either. You can see these near Thunder Run's station, and the Vortex lift. Perhaps we'll see the great trend of "sprucing" continue at the park with some repairs to these as well.

It's really a beautiful man-made mountain. When the park was built I thought it was so clever of them to have it instead of another Awful Tower clone. I remember that walk behind the falls thing now, too. I think I fell.

We first went to CW the second year of operation. It was year of the ACE convention at Crystal Beach and we skipped the ACE day at the CNE Flyer to go. Damn. Well, who knew?...

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Mamoosh said:
I noticed the paths while going up Vortex's lift and wondered if there had been some sort of walking attraction. Thanks RCMAC

Guess it was called Wonder Mountain Walkway:


You can see bits of the walkway in the satellite photo:


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A rare shot of Wonder Mountain with all of the falls turned off. You can see Wonderland Maintenance staff in the area that used to be the "Walk-Behind-The-Falls"


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I thought Thunder Run was a pretty odd coaster, yet still pretty awesome in it's own way. As for the falls, does anyone have a picture of how it looks with all of them on?

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