Woman sues Magic Mountain over subdural hematoma

Posted Thursday, August 10, 2000 5:56 AM | Contributed by Jeff

A Hawaiian woman claims that Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain is responsible for causing a subdural hematoma (a swelling of blood against the brain).

Read the whole report on The Honolulu Star Bulletin.

If there's any shread of sense left in the justice system, she will lose this suit because there's no proof that the ride caused it. Furthermore, doctors have said repeatedly that this condition usually is pre-exisiting, and can be triggered by something as simple as a hard sneeze. Maybe she should sue her neighbor for planting flowers that cause her to sneeze. It's not any less absurd than this suit.

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Thursday, August 10, 2000 6:09 AM
What makes you think there is any shread of sense left in the justice system? I assume they will settle out of court for some big amount of money just to avoid the mess.

Beside the points you make, consider that Viper has been there for some time now. If the ride is "defective and unreasonably dangerous," it seems to me that people would have been droping dead for for years now after riding it.
Thursday, August 10, 2000 6:34 AM
Notice the caption ("outline" for all you journalistic folks)
"Magic Mountain's Viper, the largest looping roller coaster in the world, towers 188 feet high and turns upside down seven times at a speed of 70 mph."

The largest looping roller coaster in the world? In it's first season, right? The Steel Phantom eclipsed it the following year. Who does the fact finding at the Honolulu Star Bulletin?

Gotta ride 'em all!
Thursday, August 10, 2000 6:49 AM
Also, Soggy, it goes through the inversions at 70 mph??? Wow. Volcano also surpassed it. There was a forum also about this topic in coasterbuzz.

Thursday, August 10, 2000 7:26 AM
The sentence was misleading, perhaps purposely.
The Viper had the largest loop in the world until SKC.
Thursday, August 10, 2000 8:25 AM
SOB is bigger than Viper and it's a looping coaster! ;)
Thursday, August 10, 2000 8:44 AM
Actually, Viper's loops arent really that big. I remember what someone had describe them as "loops on stilts"..which is true.
Thursday, August 10, 2000 8:46 AM
This lady shouldn't have been riding the Viper in the 1st place. You know they do have health warnings placed in the queing area so she should have known not to ride it. Being a rider myself it is an intense ride (but very fun!)
Thursday, August 10, 2000 9:07 AM
Loops on stilts sounds exactly right. SFMM advertises them as the tallest loops, not the largest. As far as this woman is concearned, if her lawsuit is to be taken seriously, some other parks are in big trouble. Think of all the painful coasters out there that will be next on the list.
Thursday, August 10, 2000 10:05 AM
I thought this was a post about the "incident" not another damn debate about loops and sizes. Geez people, can't you even discuss something without changing the subject entirely. This is about a lawsuit not about the dumb media getting something wrong and you guys babbling on forever about it. Thanks Tim and Puddingboy for staying with the subject. Now for the matter at hand. I just rode Viper, all three trains on Tuesday and Yesterday. The ride was running smoother than it ever has since additional supports were added some time back. Heck, when I ride Viper I never hold on or brace myself at all. I let my body go totally limp and enjoy gravity. I've only suffered a minor finger injury in all my time doing this. The ride is not rough. I didnt bang my head once, although I did almost slide down onto the floorboards which was totally cool. I also wanna add that Viper was cookin Yesterday, brakes were barely noticable, sweet!
Thursday, August 10, 2000 8:52 PM
Supposedly, the big coaster over in Japan has caused this symptom, as well as a woman riding Steel Force at Dorney Park. They say they're not sure what causes this on bigger coasters. Kind of scary, isn't it? Some of these people may have had pre-existing conditions, but if they didn't...
Friday, August 11, 2000 5:33 AM
"Geez people, can't you even discuss something without changing the subject"

Wow, that interesting and then you write:

"I also wanna add that Viper was cookin Yesterday, brakes were barely noticable, sweet!"

So much for sticking with the topic, huh?
Friday, August 11, 2000 8:34 PM
Viper is a very high looping ride. Goliath and Viper had an effect on my dad by almost knocking him out.


Monday, August 14, 2000 5:37 PM
I went on viper tons of times without getting off at the 1997 spring confrence. It was a very cool ride and did not give me a headache. And yes she should of probaly read the warnings!!!

Webmaster of RCT And Coaster Heaven!! Stop by!
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 11:11 AM
I think that its her fault for going on the ride and then having to go to the doctors.

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