Woman seated improperly on Magic Springs coaster when she fell

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A state inspector says a ride operator should have prevented a large woman from taking up two seats on a roller coaster at the Magic Springs amusement park in Hot Springs. The Arkansas Labor Department said one of the ride operators let the woman ride sideways and occupy two seats.

Read more from KTHV/Little Rock.

The "Twist 'n Shout" I rode last summer did not have enough force to throw a baby out of the seat. They must have let up on the brakes...? This was by far the most tame mouse I've been on. Something seems a bit fishy to me. Maybe the "paralegal" knows better. ;)
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Arkansas public schools don't teach the alphabet all the way up to the letter 'Z'?

Scrambler at Rye all over again, if your feet aren't on the FLOOR, you're not secured by the lapbar...

^^ When I went to the park this past June, I never felt any of the brakes hit during the course. It seemed pretty forceful to me (left my legs hurting from hitting the unpadded bar and the inside of the car) but I've never ridden any other mouse to compare it to.
I can't picture how sitting sideways would help someone fit into a ride. What body parts even fit under the lapbar? Even among large people, the dimension measuring side to side is still larger than from front to back.

Now maybe the paralegal will sue for mental distress caused by having his client referred to in the media as being "extremely large."

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