Woman dies in fall from French roller coaster

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A woman died after falling from a roller coaster in a theme park in Oise, in northern France. The accident occurred on Saturday at Parc Saint-Paul, where the woman, 32, fell while riding the Formula 1 Coaster. Emergency services were called immediately but were unable to resuscitate the victim, who died on the scene, the park said.

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I reckon that could be Formula 1’s last day. I’ve always thought it looked like an interesting and unique ride, but this is not it’s first incident.

It's a thrilling ride, but mechanically it's a bit suspect. (For those unaware, Parc Saint Paul hired local manufacturer Soquet to redesign the braking and control system on their installation as the original was not up to scratch.)

I suspect this may be the end of the line for the model; the only other example (currently in Kaliningrad, originally in Moscow) has been SBNO ever since it was badly damaged in an arson attack last year. I am glad I got to ride them both.

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Wow apparently this is not the first fatality on this coaster, and may even be the third. Another version of the news article gets more detailed, saying her husband tried to grab her feet as she was thrown over the "Safety Bar." Anyone know details about the previous incidents? You'd think if someone flew out of a lap bar at some point, they'd change things up a little bit, add a safety belt or something. Interestingly there's a Europe news article about it saying the theme park was deemed "not responsible" for her death. I had to watch some youtube vids of this coaster to see what type of ride it is, and it does seem to look a bit janky, almost like a travelling coaster installation.

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The owner was charged with involuntary homicide:


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Jeff said:

The owner was charged with involuntary homicide:


I just checked the french news and the reason why he was charged is clear:

After the 2009 ejection of a larger guest, seatbelts were added to the cars to prevent that kind of accident. Since then as well, all rides in France, be it from a fairground ride to Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris need to be inspected by an independant company who is certified by the government.

Last November when Formule 1 was inspected, the added seatbelts were present. When the park reopened in June after the COVID-19 closure, the seatbelts were removed and this could very well be the cause of this ejection as well.

This is not only the second major accident at this park. In 2005, the Soquet ex traveling looping powered coaster derailed and the owner of the park was formally accused and found guilty of negligence for that. Amazingly, that ride was not scrapped and was repaired and is travelling again.

Edit: just read another fascinating detail: the park grind the first teeth on the restraint ratchet as a primitive way of preventing larger guests from riding the ride.

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