Woman comments on visiting parks with a disability.

Some parks are more accessible then others.

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Interesting article.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't The Villain have an elevator for wheelchair access?

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^Is that before of after the ride (cue rim shot) :) Seriously though, a lot of rides have elevator lifts such as Steel Force at DP and Maverick at CP (hidden in grain silo). So that's great if you can get a person with a disability on a ride, but what happens when the power fails?

I'm thinking of Great Adventure where they've had a few power outages over the years (as well as other parks). Think about how high the midcourse is on say Nitro, and how would you get that person down? The park employees aren't allowed to assist a disabled guest, so I'm guessing they'd have to use either the local fire department or on an on-site department.

Shiekra has an elavator, and too think about it all of the coasters at BGA besides Sheikra have ramps leading to the rides instead of stairs.

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