Woman arrested at Epcot gate with guns in a diaper bag

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A Georgia woman was arrested at Walt Disney World after security for the Florida resort found two guns and some marijuana in her child's diaper bag, according to court documents. Yunique Smith, 27, of Stone Mountain, Georgia, was arrested July 18 on misdemeanor counts of carrying a concealed weapon and marijuana possession, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

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Imagine her surprise when she's being mugged and reaches in her gun bag only to pull out some Huggies and diaper cream.


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She was quoted as saying "After what happened with my family last year, I ain't takin' no more chances at Disney!"

I guess she wanted to...

Get ready for it...

Shoot the ....

Never mind.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Nothing surprises me anymore. People are crazy. "Honey don't forget my 9 mil and pineapple express. Put them in the diaper bag. We are going to need those at the park" Is that conversation they had? Wth.

I understand carrying while you travel and locking the weapon inside your vehicle in the parking lot but who is dumb enough to think you can just walk in with it?

I cannot speak for this woman. And I am not a carry person or even a gun person. But I know some people who are and who carry pretty much anywhere they can. It becomes something like a phone or a wallet that you just always have with you and you don't really think about it. Tough to comprehend to me.

Work with someone whose friend was taking a middle of the night flight. He was the only person in TSA line. When they scanned his bag, he saw his gun up on the monitor. He thought to himself "who would be dumb enough to bring a gun through a TSA checkpoint" and then remembered he was the only person in line. He asked the agents if he could take the gun to his car. They said once he put the bag on the belt that was no longer an option. Was a huge pain the rear to resolve. Believe he paid a pretty hefty fine. But apparently there are more people who you would ever think who get caught with a gun at TSA and sounds like in the vast majority of cases, it was unintentional.

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I haven't carried in some time (my permit was in Virginia and expired soon after I moved to WV), but I did for a few years and it never did--and never should--become so comfortable that anything like this could happen. Sure, it's not always front of mind, but it should never be so far in the back of your mind that you completely forget it's there. In my opinion, if it does...stop carrying.

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Maybe for some people it becomes that automatic but for me I'm very aware when I'm carrying probably because I don't do it daily. Now my pocket knife I have taken places I shouldn't have but that is with me daily and in a purse so I don't actually touch it daily it's just there. I also think of it as a tool as much as a weapon I grew up with every man in my family having a pocket knife on them 90% of the time. I also don't worry about my nieces and nephews finding my pocket knife in my purse like I would the gun.

I got in trouble once at CMH for trying to get to MCO with a safety razor in my carryon. The blade was in it.
Gosh, what was I thinking?

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If you can just casually forget where you left your gun, maybe you shouldn't have a gun.

RCMAC said:

I got in trouble once at CMH for trying to get to MCO with a safety razor in my carryon. The blade was in it.
Gosh, what was I thinking?

Funny, before COVID, I flew in/out of CMH several times a year; I have family in Columbus, OH. Last year, TSA confiscated a small standard fold out wine bottle opener I had in my backpack that I honestly forgot was even in there.

It was actually SWAG from an IAAPA vendor (Premier Rides) that I got a few years back at the expo; so I was a little bummed. Never realized a wine bottle opener was a threat to an aircraft. TSA at CMH is hardcore apparently....

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I got chewed out by TSA because I left a small tube of sunscreen in my bag...

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The TSA is so hit or miss on everything. Outside of our current situation I typically fly a lot throughout the year and its always a crapshoot on whether or not they will catch the stuff I bring though. Now obviously I'm not bringing weapons but in terms of things like liquids over the limit or questionable tools, I just take my chance and it almost always pays off. It helps having Pre Check as they tend to just push you through as fast as they can.


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OK I will admit my greatest crime against humanity.

My senior year of high school (1995) my friend Steve got me and a handful of our friends an awesome Swiss army knife. It was cool...not that I live a life that demands a need for such a thing, but it was a cool gift, and I always kept it "on my person".

In 1996, then president Bill Clinton came to speak at The Ohio State University where I was a student, and I was there to see, for the first time in my life, a sitting president speak.

The Swiss army knife was confiscated by security on the way in, and I never got it back.

I don't know....maybe I'm Yunique, but I would never leave the house without at least two firearms and some weed on any trip to a theme park. Per her mugshot at least she got to enjoy some of the weed before the po-po got involved.

Promoter of fog.

OhioStater said:
...awesome Swiss army knife. It was cool...not that I live a life that demands a need for such a thing, but it was a cool gift, and I always kept it "on my person". ...

I’m trying to figure out what kind of life doesn’t demand a need for a good pocketknife...I carry mine (a Victorinox Spartan) anywhere it isn’t expressly forbidden. Amazingly useful; everyone should have one.

—Dave Althoff, Jr.

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I lost a Victorinox to the TSA once when I forgot to put in the luggage. Never again. I feel naked without one. I have gotten into the habit of it being one of the first things in the luggage when we fly, and emptying my pockets of it's contents in the car when going to Knotts.

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I'm getting by in life carrying little more than my phone, driver's license and a credit card when I leave the house.

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So is the “little more” that you carry your pocket knife?

I’m with you on the minimalism. I wonder what kind of life requires the daily use of a pocket knife.

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I almost always have a small Gerber pocket knife on me. I think it just depends on the type of person and how they consider their knife useful. I don't think of mine as a weapon, like I'm sure most people do when they hear knife, but rather a tool. I am naturally someone who tinkers so having one with me has helped in plenty of situations. Plus if I am at work I use tools a lot, I always have a Gerber multi-tool on me. Outside of work I camp, hike, and generally spend a lot of time outdoors so I always have one with me. So the rest of the time it is just something I grab with my keys and wallet. Not once that I can recall have I ever forgot I had it and walked into an area that does not allow it.

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