Woman allegedly beaten by line jumpers at Valleyfair

Posted Friday, September 3, 2004 8:59 AM | Contributed by Timo

A nurse and mother of three confronted line jumpers in the hour-long queue for Valleyfair's Steel Venom when the two teenage girls allegedly started beating her. She says other people in line would not help her.

Read more and see video from WCCO/Minneapolis.

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Friday, September 3, 2004 9:12 AM
I don't entirely blame the park (unless this kind of thing is regular there), but what the hell was wrong with the people around her? I can see where if this happened virtually anywhere that everyone around her would've jumped in and stopped it, especially if they were teenage girls.

The world can be a really sad place at times.

Friday, September 3, 2004 9:26 AM
In some ways, people think "If it doesn't effect me, why should I bother to do anything." But like you said Jeff, since the fighting was done by two teenage girls, I would thik someone would of step up and put an end to the whole nonsense. I do hope that charges are filed and the punk girls get what they deserve.
Friday, September 3, 2004 9:49 AM
I know with the world being as litigious as it is, I'd be hesitant to get involved with anything that didn't involve me directly - sad, but true.

On the other hand, if a 12 & 16 year old approached me physically, I wouldn't lie down and take it. A couple of kids would be getting the crap smacked out of them.

Friday, September 3, 2004 9:56 AM
If this story is 100% accurate, then (as much as I like Cedar Fair), they need to handle this, like today, get info on those girls, prosecute, and set such an example that it does not happen again. To those in line who stood around, Mo-Mo ism is unallowed in my park.
Friday, September 3, 2004 10:02 AM
While I'm having a little problems with the site's video, I noticed that the picture next to the story is of Wicked Twister at CP.
Friday, September 3, 2004 10:47 AM
The sad thing is, as much as I would imagine people would want to help the woman who was beaten in the ride que, you can't do anything anymore to restrain a minor without running into some sort of legal scuffle. Not that I'm looking for excuses as to why others didn't help the woman in line; I still think "the right thing" would have been to restrain the two girls whatever way possible.

I think its a shame that there doesn't to seem to be much respect between people anymore. It seems more like every person for themself and if they can't do it on their own, then ally and gang up on someone... sad.

~Rob Willi

Friday, September 3, 2004 10:54 AM
I remember when I was 16 I would never have thought about talking back to any adult. If I went home with a fat lip and told my Dad I smart mouthed an adult he would have smacked my fat lip making it bigger! Today these thugs know they can say and do anything they want and if you talk to them or restrain them it's a lawsuit. Here's the part that I have an issue with; the park found out about the fight from the 911 dispatcher. I wish when the park is this crowded they would put a security person near the queue line. It won't stop all the problems but just being around can't hurt.
Friday, September 3, 2004 11:10 AM
Were are these girls parents? The 12 year old should not be there with out adult supervision. And a 16 year old who takes on an adult should not be left in charge of a 12 year old.

I think the park should ban them from the park and all CF parks. I also think they should be arrested and charged with assault. Even though they are minors and it won't affect anything. Maybe they can charge the 16 year old as an adult! This stuff has to stop. It has too! I'll bet you the lady will sue CF for lack of security and stuff too.

I think people are afraid of stepping in because of being sued. But I think they are protected by the good summitry act. (spelled wrong)

Friday, September 3, 2004 12:39 PM
Hmmmm...she was beaten by a 12 and a sixteen year olds? Wow. If it had been me, nad if I was female, I would have wailed and beaten them to a bloody pulp. Then I would claim it as self defense.
Friday, September 3, 2004 12:57 PM
Usually when I see line jumping, they are joining people in line. Even though just 2 girls were involved in the incident, I would imagine they were with other people nearby and that was the reason why no one else got involved.
Friday, September 3, 2004 1:25 PM
I think some people don't understand there is a difference between "jumping in" and restraining. If two older teenagers/men or anyone else for that matter, just got in between the woman and the two girls, or pulled them away, I hardly doubt that is cause for a law suit. Trying to restrain attackers from a fight (minors or not) is hardly an assault or cause for prosecution. That's just my opinion anyway.
Friday, September 3, 2004 1:29 PM
It's called the "bystander effect." The more people around the incident the less likely anyone will help thinking someone else will help. If it was only one person as a witness they would probably help out the mother.
Friday, September 3, 2004 4:46 PM
Looks like this is a good current event! ;)

Anyways, not all kids are like that. There are just a lot of spoiled kids out there. I think that we can go places, just some kids/teens shouldn't.

Friday, September 3, 2004 5:00 PM
This is why I'm glad it's not legal for me to carry a shotgun with me and discharge it at my leisure.
Friday, September 3, 2004 5:13 PM
I could not in good conscience stand by and watch that. To think, that could have been MY mother.

If I were there I would be so tempted to go cut a whip...

Friday, September 3, 2004 6:40 PM
I think they don't about junping into line, but they don't understand about beatening up people. I think 12 year and 16 years old cut off everyone in line, so they can not for long
time. that they beat up mother and her childern thats
harsh. I am glad Vallyfair took care of and the police.
Friday, September 3, 2004 7:07 PM
Unfortunatly, after the fact, there isin't much VF can do regarding this incident. The victim would be responsible for pressing chrages, and dealing with that. However, I would not be surprised to see an increased security presence in the lines in the future. That would be a good thing IMO.
Friday, September 3, 2004 9:57 PM
I don't blame Valleyfair for the downfall of society. These girls need to be beaten in a public place. If I were in that line those girls would have been beaten to a pulp.
Saturday, September 4, 2004 11:17 AM
I'm not so sure whether she intends to sue VF...right now, anyway. She seemed more upset that the 'people of Minnesota' let this happen to her.

She must have really been stunned. Even if she was getting hit, I can't see how anyone wouldn't react to someone shoving their kid. You hit my kids with me around...I swear the F-bomb isn't a strong enough word for what I'll do to you. You know, just that instinctive cornered animal, Momma bear sorta thing.

I know this sounds silly, but I hope there's some provision that will let them be prosecuted as adults. Sure, it won't be much more than a 5th-degree assault. In Minnesota, they rarely show up on a criminal record for adults. But I'd prefer that to a sealed file. Grease the skids to their jail cell already.


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