Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Creative profiled

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This was a little thin on new information, so I didn't post it in news, but you may want to check this out...


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The amount of tweaking they did with the ride up until opening day was really amazing. I would ride it one day during soft openings, come back the next, and everything moved much quicker! Specifically the physical movement from one prop to the next was much more pronounced and sudden than the first few laps I took. The final version of the ride seems to be somewhere in the middle, but more towards the quicker version. Even still, I did notice a few small differences in the feel of the ride the last few trips, so I think they are still adjusting things with the arm movement.

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I was amused at the related "links" at the bottom of the article. One of them is for an amazing new ride technology, the topple tower at Dollywood.

Given all the hype surrounding Forbidden Journey, I'm definitely bummed I missed this ride this past week. It was down every time I went past. :(

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