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I'm not exactly sure if this "counts" or not, but here goes...

My mom and I went to the state fair today. Since it was right by the gate we entered, we checked out the midway first. The flat rides included Kamikaze, Pharaoh's Fury, 1001 Nachts, Freak Out, Tornado, Hurricane, Starship 2000, Himalaya, Zipper, Super Loops, and quite a few others whose names I can't remember. They also had at least two Ferris wheels, a drop tower (called Drop Zone), and a roller coaster. Oddly enough, I don't think there were any signs displaying the coaster's name; however, from reading the ticket price sheet, I think it was a Zyklon. I'm not much for flats, but I (of course) rode the coaster (#22).

Besides flats, there were also several fun/haunted house attractions, some walk-through, some with cars. I hadn't been on a "temporary" midway in quite awhile, but this was most likely a typical one. Nevertheless, watching the rides run was fun and I got another credit!

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I assume there's a Top Scan (Space Roller) there as well? I'm happy to hear about the Freak Out and the drop ride!


No, I don't think there was a Top Scan there. As for the Freak Out, it was sort of like an inverted Frisbee, with four inward-facing seating sections holding four riders each. I have no idea what type of ride it was or who made it.

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The coaster is indeed a Zyklon. They cannot put up the sign with the name of the coaster, however, because there is a city ordinance in the city of West Allis that forbids rides being called Zyklon. This stems from Zyklon being the name of the gas used to kill Jews during the holocaust. Several Jewish groups protested back in the 80's about it and now it is a law on the books in that municipality where the fair is held.

EDIT: I rode a Freak Out a few weeks ago at Waukesha's River Fest and found it to be a really awesome ride. Very Delirium-esque with a bit better airtime than Delirium, but not as high and will not as good visuals. *** Edited 8/9/2004 4:19:48 PM UTC by Kick The Sky***

Certain victory.


Apparently Canada got to keep the Top Scan instead of sending it to Milwaukee. One of the reasons I didn't care that I missed the fair when I was up there. :)

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Terrible news! But at least I'll catch the Top Scan in Minnesota next month.

The KMG Freak Out is a good ride, but not quite as good as the Afterburner, IMO. It just doesn't feel as powerful.


the afterburner normally goes by the name of fire ball in the U.S. and is an awesome ride with nice air at the top of the spin if it combines with the top of the swing of the arm. also spin outs are fun since they kinda do the same thing but with an extra rotation of the arm the spinning mechanism is attached to.

Watch the tram car please....
Does Murphy Bros. still have the midway contract at West Allis?
They did this year.

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