Wisconsin State Fair - Is this going to be same stuff..

as the North Dakota Fair? To me, it looks so as it looks close to last year at the Wisconsin State Fair lineup, and Murphy Brothers (Reed Expeditions) says they are in North Dakota.


"Chopper Train, Extreme X, Viper, 34-Euro Jump,
Badlands 4x4, Barney, Bees, Big Trucks, Bumpercars,
Castlemania, Century Wheel, Cliffhanger, Dark Ride, Dizzy Dragon, Drop Tower, Genesis, Shocker, Hurricane, Kamikaze, MGR, Odyssey 2000, Rocktown
Saucers, Silver Streak Mini Himy, Sizzler, Slide, Sooper Jet, Spinout, Star Command, Starship, Starship 2000, Superslide, Tilt, Tornado, Tugboat,
& Zipper"

Get Ready. Get Set. Spinout! Six Flags America: The Park that is Full of Disappointments

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