Wisconsin man banned for life at SFGAm.

So what do you think? Should he be banned for life for this?


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Park security banned him for the rest of the season, and asked him to leave the property.

Instead, he tried to re-enter the park.

Sounds justified to me - not sure I agree with the initial banning, but his response to that makes the lifetime ban understandable...IMO.

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He parked his motorcycle without paying, was told to leave, then tried to re-enter the park. Maybe there's more to the story? Did he offer to pay? We don't know, the article doesn't go into details of what transpired.

If these really are all the details, then he's a thief, he got caught, and should suffer the consequences.

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How do you ban someone for life? Who's going to remember who he is say, a year from now?

This guy is the public relation or media director for some company, unfortunately every park fan site etc that post this story allows him to belly ache over being a thief. Yea parking prices are high, he tried to steal that, then disregarded basically a no trespassing order for a season because he thought his **** doesn't stink. This guy doesn't deserve press.

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So what stops him from going back in 20 or so years from now?

Bringing a car onto SF property and not paying for parking is considered illegal entry and theft of service. SF takes this seriously. Happens a lot at SFGADV. Usually your told to leave for the day and we keep an eye out in case you return. A lot of people at SFGADV, try to say they are dropping people off at drop off but missed the turn. They have to wait at the front gate for a security escort.


Lifetime ban for not paying for parking and then trying to re-enter the park seems excessive to me. But we are only hearing his side. I suspect there is more to it than what he is telling. And in the end, its their park and they get to make the rules. Nothing he can really do about it (excessive or not). I do agree that it seems difficult for them to enforce the ban going forward (his appearance will change as he ages, he could grow a beard/mustache or change his hair color and would look very different, park employees change, etc.).

With everyone paying by credit card these days, I can't see it being *that* difficult to enforce his ban. You simply enter his name into a database and if he tries to buy something with a card tied to his name, a red flag comes up in their system. If he's buying admission, it doesn't let him. If he buys something in the park, he gets a nice escort out. Basically, he has to come with someone else and pay in nothing but cash if he wants to go back, and hope no one remembers him.

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There are still a lot of people who pay with cash. And its not that hard to do. :)

Oh, I know, but if he even uses the ATM to pull more cash, they could conceivably find out he's in the park then (not sure how those kinds of in-park ATMs are handled with network traffic and what not). But yes, he could make an entirely cash-only trip and no one at the park would be the wiser.

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To put this in a better perspective to show how this really isn't news. A practice walmart uses nationally if you steal, you get banned from for life and are issued a no trespass for any walmart property. Even for 2 liter of pop. I can guarantee more people have been handed this by wal mart than the few people this story hints at. It is justified and it is deserved. Do the crime do the time

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I would hate to see what would have happened to him in some other countries. A ban on entering is not that big of a deal.

Really, give it some time (get some attention, as he is, I have the paper right here). Maybe do some sort of an amends or community service, maybe they will let him back in eventually.


But on the bright side, being banned for the rest of his life means he can come back as a zombie.

...Just like this thread will, someday. ;)

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Some folks who steal from Walmart get to do this:


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^Well, that is Alabama. A friend got pulled over for speeding years ago, and the cop told her husband he needs to take her home and beat her. Teach her a lesson.

I'm all for healing - people do bad things (and maybe stupid things) because there is something broke inside. Painful or embarrassing punishments may do more harm (in the long run) than good.


I would take being a walking banner over 60 days in jail.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Lowkae said:
So what stops him from going back in 20 or so years from now?

Technically nothing, but if the park were to find out he's there, it's criminal trespassing which likely means jail time.

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This guy is lucky that all he got was being banned from the park. He could have simply been arrested for theft. He also could have been arrested for trespassing. As for me I would tell him to suck it up as it is a small price to pay for staying out of jail.

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