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Wisconsin Dells June 9 and 10th I left for the Dells on Thursday June 9 with my girlfriend. She gave me a certificate for a season pass to Mount Olympus for my birthday. I think she’s a keeper.

This was my first time up to the Dells, so everything would be new. We arrived just before 10, right before the park opened. There front gate is a bit confusing, with one window to buy your ticket, and the second one to get your wristband. There was plenty of people confused, like us. The crowds weren’t that bad, with a lot of school trips there on this day.

The first stop was Pegasus. The ride was ok, nothing too memorable. Its decent for a family wooden coaster.

On the way to Cyclops, I pointed out the drop to my girlfriend. If you have taken on a ride on this before, you know what drop I am talking about. There was a small line in the station ,but since they were all kids, the back car was always empty. We were finally able to sneak in ahead of some kids and walked to the back. A sign says you must be over 18 to ride in the back seat, and they were enforcing it. The ride is short, but packs a punch. The first drop is good, but the whole ride is about the last drop. The only words to describe it are “Oh my God!” That is the most insane pop of airtime I have ever experienced. We rode this a few times in the day and I was finally able to hold my hands up, but me knees paid the price for that. I see in the station they had gates for a car behind the last car. I can only imagine what kind of airtime that would produce.

Zeus was up next. We rode it twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It seemed to give a better ride in the morning, and was quite rough later on in the day. We then proceeded to Hades. This was the only ride that had any line during the day. It only runs one train, but could really support two. I don’t think capacity is an issue to this park.

A lot has been said about Hades, and its all true! A great ride. The speed seems to never stop, except for the lift hill, and the hill in the parking lot coming out of the tunnel for the first time. There are pops of air, and laterals all over the place. The tunnel produces a lot of “woah” moments for me. I really couldn’t tell at what point we were at 90 degrees. For more floater air I would suggest the front seat. The return hill that goes by the station stairs gives some great floater air in the front. The back will produces some more ejector air, especially the drop out of the station. With so much speed, I hope this ride doesn’t tear itself apart. I can also see it getting rough, unless they maintain it properly. Other than that, a great ride.

We decided to skip Triton, the water coaster. It looked like there was only two boats going, and the line was moving sloooooooooooow.

The Disk-o was up and running. It was very good. It produces some interesting forces. The restraints were interesting, with the back pad coming up from behind.

We did one of the go cart tracks, but I really didn’t car for it. Maybe I’m too old for them since I can actually drive a real car now? One thing that bugs me, and that I’m sure will be happening at SFGam with the addition of the water park, are people walking around the park in swimsuits, or with a towel on. They say proper attire must be worn in the park area, but I really didn’t see any security. The only line cutting we saw was at Hades. My girlfriend got so fed up she stopped some people from cutting. Some kid got upset and while yapping said he was going to be the number one pick in the NBA in four years. I’m not gonna hold my breath on that one. Stopping line cutters is not something I usually do, but I was really proud of her for doing that.

We spent the rest of the day between Cyclops and Hades. Both were great rides. The park is trying to be more of a theme park, but they still have a way to go. The food could use a major upgrade too. But, they do have two great wooden coasters, so they have a good start.

On our way to the hotel, we stopped by the Top Secret thing. Its right next to the parking lot. You might see and think it looks cool on the outside. After all, they did a good job making the White House look upside down. But do yourself a favor, and skip it. I’m still confused trying to think of the storyline they presented in there. We also did the Alien Planet walkthrough on the strip. Another rip off! We swore off all haunted houses after this. Are any of them good up there?!?

We hit up the Ho Chunk casino, and I walked out with more than when I walked in! Woo-Hoo!

The next morning we started at Timber Falls. The coaster opened at 10. With the great reride policy here, we were able to ride 6 times in a row, getting out only to change from front to back row. This is a great ride! The speed never stops! Great air too! It looks strange seeing such a small train travel the course. The log flume was a decent ride. The tunnel was nice and the drop was good.

My girlfriend talked me into doing the Sky Scraper. This is the first time I have ever been on one of these “up charge” type rides. When we sat in the seat and she noticed in moved, then she got nervous. Wow, this ride was a trip. The most I’ve ever screamed on any ride. Going forward and looking straight down was nerve wracking, but it was a rush.

We wanted to hit a water park, but Noah’s Ark was packed. We headed back to Mt Olympus to check out the water parks there, indoor and outdoor. The wave pool was nice, but the lazy river was too short, and could have used some more water elements. The indoor one looks nice, but I don’t think its still the largest indoor water park is it? It only had four slides. It started to rain, so everyone poured into the indoor park by now, so we took this as a sign to head back to Chicago.

I would defiantly go back to the Dells in the future, if only to check out the 100 t shirt stores they have on the strip. By the way….can ANYONE explain this “Vote for Pedro” shirt that ever store was selling?!?! *** Edited 6/23/2005 11:43:04 PM UTC by ChiDan1972***

Please wait for the ride to come to a full and complete stop. Push down, then pull up on your lap bar. Thank and enjoy the rest of your day at CoasterBuzz.

Nice TR. Good to hear that return hill over Zeus is giving some air now. I may go back again this weekend to check it out. As for the "Vote for Pedro" shirts, that is from the movie Napoleon Dynamite which a new movie that some love and some think is stupid. I love it.
Sounds like you had a fun time. Skyscrapers are very intense indeed. Favorite thrill ride though. I am heading out to WI in the next 6 months, and I'm planning on going on Hades as I've been wanting to for a while now.
Raven, thank you! I actually keep meaning to check that movie out.

Dr Doom, if you want to check out Hades, you better plan on going to the Dells in the next three months, although I think Mt Olympus is open some weekends in Sept, they say you have to call first, so I bet they don't have a schedule.

Please wait for the ride to come to a full and complete stop. Push down, then pull up on your lap bar. Thank and enjoy the rest of your day at CoasterBuzz.

ChiDan1972 said:
Wisconsin Dells June 9 and 10th I left for the Dells on Thursday June 9 with my girlfriend. She gave me a certificate for a season pass to Mount Olympus for my birthday. I think she’s a keeper.

Ditto to that ChiDan, my wife bought me a SF season pass last year for X-Mas, any girl that would buy a season pass for you has got to be a keeper.

Skol Vikings
Let's shoot us some deer Joe Joe!!!!

The Largest Indoor Waterpark is at the Kalahari Resort, about a 5 minute drive from Mt. Olympus. Their waterpark is awesome!

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

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