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After taking a trip out to Western Wisconsin to look at a UW school, we backtracked and stayed in the Dells for a couple nights as an end-of-summer getaway (sad to say).

Our first night in the Dells, (Friday), I wanted to ride Avalanche, the new S&S woodie located at the Timber Falls Adventure park. I had only seen a few pics and hadn't heard anything about the ride so I had no opinion either way of the ride. When we got there, I saw the the single little 3-car PTC train was really flying around the track and this definately got me excited. My little bro and I walked up to find a whopping $5.99 per ride price and paid it seeing as we had no other option. We waited for the back seat because I'm an airtime whore and after only one or two cycles we boarded.

Avalanche: This ride is out of control, right from the start there is a quick drop and turn and the first drop catches your stomach like no other woodie I've ever ridden. From there on out it's a rampage through the course without a single slow moment. The ride was rough for a new coaster, but it definately added to the excitement and made the savage ride really show it's true colors. I was impressed, the only downside was the price which is a 1 point deduction due to lack of rerideability....8/10

The following day we made our way to Mount Olympus Theme Park. You've all heard about it and it's improper upkeep, but it is definately in decent shape these days. The paths were clean, the operators checked and even tugged at your seat belts and...well I didn't check out the bathroom, sorry.

Our first ride was Dive to Atlantis (listed as Triton on the website.) This ride is supposedly a water rollercoaster, however, it was more of a flume ride than a rollercoaster. I've had a real hard time finding pictures of this ride. The ride has about a 5 minute boat ride through a boring channel which really ruins the capacity since they only run 4 boats with 4 passengers. The ride finally makes it's ascent, turns, takes about a 15-20ft dip, turns again, and then plummets at probably a 45 degree angle into a pool of water. While it had more coaster elements than the new Mack watercoaster at Tusenfryd, it wasn't much of a coaster and the time consuming channels really lowered its score...4/10.

Next I wanted to ride Cyclops because everybody talks about THE DROP, and I haven't ridden it since 1996, so I was dying for another ride. The Wisconsin Dells Crazy Wooden Coasters continued their out of control rides. Right from the first stomach wrenching drop to the hard brakes, this ride delivers. I'd compare it to Cornball Express. The ride snakes itself in and out of itself until it reaches THE drop which has it's own viewing platform for onlookers and after THE drop it takes an very underbanked couple of turns into the final brakes. While I enjoyed the very rough aspect of this ride and how it added to the uncontrolled feeling, I heard many riders complaining about the roughness and I do think it would be smart to retrack this ride. I still like it rough though so I give it another 8/10.

Next up was Zeus and I hadn't ridden this one yet. The ride used to be the tallest structure on the property, but now it looks like a kiddie coaster next to Hades first drop. Zeus looms over Cyclops and Hades looms over Zeus...I can't wait until next year! But anyway, Zeus had a nice drop out of the station, a seriously steep first drop, airtime laden hills going out and back seperated by a dangerously underbanked turn around. You better be pretty chummy with the person you sit with because you are going to be all over each other in that turn around. The ride was equally as rough as Cyclops which again, I liked, it wasn't uncomfortable to me, but it probably could use a retracking to please the typical customers. I give it a 7/10.

Mount Olympus really impressed me on this trip. I will visit next year and I feel pretty good about the park's future. If only somebody could develop high capacity go-karts...ah well, at least the coasters have extremely short lines.

Oh, and before anybody asks, I didn't sit in the back seat on Cyclops because I am only at the ripe age of 17, and while they weren't checking ID's, my brother is only 13, so I had to ride with him, and he couldn't have passed. The Dells was a nice getaway that no resident of the midwest should miss out on.

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I visited Mt. Olympus in May, and also thought the park was fairly clean. You don't hear much about Zuess, but it's a solid coaster. Cyclops would be a top 10 coaster if it had a longer layout, but "the drop" nearly makes up for it's short length. I can't wait to go back next year to try Avalanche and of course, Hades. It's nice having all these woodies within a 3 hour drive.

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My little bro and I walked up to find a whopping $5.99 per ride price and paid it seeing as we had no other option.

You can get an unlimited ride wristband that also includes the bumper boats, flume ride and mini golf for like twenty bucks. It it's after five P.M. its like thirteen bucks. I was there on Saturday and got like forty laps on Avalanche.

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I am so excited, I will be up there next Wednesday-Friday for the honeymoon and am excited to ride Avanlanche and Cyclops "famous" ejector seat.

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