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It is the end of the regular season for most parks in and around Minnesota.The Park of MOA can only do so much for me this time of year. It is the middle of October and already down to 35 degrees during the day. I will be going to Valleyscare this Friday (the 13th) and that will be the last for me this year locally.

My question is this:

How far south do I have to go from here to get to a park that is open year round for a road trip?

I am considering a trip before the end of the year and would like to see what options people could suggest aside from the obvious Florida, Texas, Vegas, California locations.

How about Branson? Holiday World?

Already ready for Renegade. C'mon lucky 2007!

Thanks for another great season, VF!

ACE's Coaster Christmas (@ SDC) is December 2nd! ERT on PowderKeg and Fire in the Hole, plus some a wonderful buffet lunch prepared by SDC. It is always a lot of fun and I'm sure the advertisement for it will be out soon.
Dollywood has Xmas stuff going on in December.
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I want to go to the more-mega megamall and ride Mind Bender. :)

There's always the Bubbles kiddie coaster in New Jersey. ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Mt Olympus now has the Parthenon indoor park with OPA spinning mouse coaster in it.

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I'm probably going to Dollywood's ACE event in November.

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Going to ACE Dollywood Coasterfest in November. Looking forward to it as it was a great time last year.
Ha, Ha, AV.

Going north in the winter? I'll have to start on getting my passport. For Canada, Eh? At least I can dress for it.

And Isn't Mind Bender an Anton Looping Bahn?

Otherwise I have Dollywood and Branson.

Thanks guys.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia is open Year-Round. (You didn't mention Georgia on your "Forbidden" List :) ) True, this park is located only 15 miles north of "The Sunshine State" but it is there for your Coasting Convienience!

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^ If you happen to enjoy HORRENDOUS wooden coasters... :(

I shouldn't really say that, but given that I was there AFTER the last major work was done to Cheetah, and that the park knows little/nothing about maintaining a wooden's probably a safe bet that it's still atrocious.

Hey! I didn't say they had GOOD Wooden Coasters! I just said they were open all year and they weren't in California, Nevada, Texas or Florida!


I would also suggest Dollywood. We've went down there two of the past three Christmas', (actually we go down Dec. 27-30th). The coasters run as long as the temp. stays above 40, and the weather itself behaves. The average daytime temp. for them is around 55 during December, and we've found with our previous two trips that the temp. stayed in the 60's during the day.

Last Christmas the mechanics went around the track at Thunderhead and inspected for any ice forming. They were very nice about it, and allowed everyone to continue riding.

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