Winter Chippewa Lake photos

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I know a lot of people, most of whom never saw the place back in the day, are fascinated by the ruins of Chippewa Lake Park. Saw these photos on Facebook today...

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I usually think infrared is a gimmick, but there are a few cases where it yields some very cool results.

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Yeah. I mean that as a genuine wow, not a sarcastic one.

Those are terrific photos.

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Those are great!


I can't believe the Bug is still standing like that. You'd think, or hope, that it might be salvaged some kind of way. (It's probably not good for much but scrap metal by now, but still). The cars look so cool.
I always thought it would be great to equip my tv room (do I qualify for a man cave? Hmmmm...) with a restored car from a Whip, Bug, Dodgem, Tilt, or something like that, all fitted out for comfort. Seems all I need to do is sneak into Chippewa- and then find room for it, I guess.

That ferris wheel, by the way, was "The World's Fastest Ferris Wheel", and for a standard Eli wheel it really did go incredibly fast. The cars tipped far forward over the top and rocked WAY back on the way down. Sometimes they seemed like they would flip like a Rock o Plane it went so fast. I was pretty young and was too afraid to get on it. I still might be if it was running today. I also missed the roller coaster there, dammit.

Other rides I remember were a Caterpillar, Fun House, Swinging Gym, and a big spiral slide that was just like Euclid Beach's. Jungle Larry and Safari Jane also started their animal exhibit at Chippewa before they moved to the big time at Cedar Point.

Nice shots, and a real memory jogger here on new year's eve. Thanks.

According to a comment from the photographer on the ferris wheel picture, these were actually taken in the summer. Still, these are some insanely beautiful pictures!

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