Windstorm roller coaster at MN State Fair

Anyone heard about this?

"The Windstorm Roller Coaster is an amusement sized coaster out of a real amusement park," said Schuette. "It takes 11 semi trucks two-and-a-half weeks to set up. The Windstorm has 1,400 feet of track and a windy, high speed turn. I'll definitely go on it, I love roller coasters."

The best match I can find is that it may be the SDC Hurricane from Fun Forest?

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The only midway operator I could find that provides for that fair (as of 2009) was Mcdonough's, and I didn't see a coaster listed on their site.

Any Idea who the Midway provider is?

I looked at RCDB and Steve Vander Vorste is stated to have purchased the coaster you mentioned. When I googled him, the first link was to an article in 2001 about a spinning mouse he had set up at the MN fair, so it could very well be that ride.

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Minnesota is an independent midway, so there is no main show provider. Here is a link to the rides listed for this year -

but the owners/operators aren't listed. I'm pretty sure Windstorm is from Seattle, but I can find out for sure.

I think the Avalanche must be Amusements of America's Pinfari Zyklon that was Firecracker at Holiday World. It plays our fair every year, and it's the only thing listed (besides the Windstorm) that seems likely to be a coaster. It's been for sale, but there's no takers - it still shows up here in Ohio every year. Magnum (Mondial Shake) is also listed as a new ride but I believe it's played the fair before - unless I'm getting mixed up with Florida's fair, (which also has a fantastic independent midway), and I know it's been there. Woods entertainment is providing that and the Re-mix according to their site.

The Minnesota Fair counts as one of the best times I've ever had in my whole life - we went 3 years ago and are going back this year for labor day weekend. Its perfect to combine with ValleyFair and the Mall for a ride- packed weekend. The fair seems more "permanent" than most - a lot of the vendors have their own little buildings that remain there all year. There's also a number of permanent rides there, a Sky Glider, a real Von Roll skyride, a haunted house, a raft ride, and my favorite, an antique, authentic Ye Olde Mill that's lovingly preserved and runs for 12 days a year only!

It's nuts busy there, too, everyone goes to the "Minnesota Get-Together". The Saturday we were there they had 220,000 thru the gate and that is not an inflated number. There's alchohol there, too, and the whole day (and Friday evening before) we didnt see a speck of trouble anywhere.

I cant wait.

The Minnesota State Fair has what the industry calls an Independant Midway. What this means in layman's terms is the fairboard acts as its own general contractor and books in individual rides and games, rather than contracting with one traveling show to provide everything. In the case of Minnesota, they call it the Mighty Midway, and the fairboard issues uniform shirts, flags, and other items in an attempt to make the midway look like one big show instead of the collection of individual attractions that it is.

In the past they have had a Crazy Mouse and a Pinfari Zyklon. Does the Windstorm replace one or both coasters, or will they have three legitimate coasters on the midway. (This doesn't include the kiddie coasters on the Kidway) If you like fairs and carnivals, this is one of the best around, maybe the best show in North Central USA.

The bad news is that the Minnesota State Fair does not do wristbands, handstamps or POP specials. It's strict pay per ride. They do have budget days where they discount the ride prices by 1 ticket during promptional hours.

Another example of an Independant Midway that puts togther a phenominal show is the Florida State Fair.

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Well, it seems we were talking at the same time, Coasterville Dave. I'm glad someone concurs!

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Hmmm, we will be in Minneapolis on Labor Day Saturday. Planning on doing MOA in the morning and the rest of the day at VF. I don't know if there will be time to add this to the schedule.

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The day you have planned, DaveStroem, seems busy enough and the fair is not a place you want to breeze in and out of. I know you're a ride hound and the fair, as discussed above, will limit your opportunities coaster-wise. If you like great carnival flats, too, it's the place - but once again the individual ride prices can be prohibitive. I'd stick with the parks this time if I were you, BUT if you'd like the atmosphere of one of the best fairs in the nation then you should definitely plan to go another time when you can spend at least one whole day. There's so much to see and do.

We're going to ValleyFair on friday, the crowd will be minimal with school in session, then that evening to the mall, or, maybe save that for Sunday morning. I'll get a couple/three new rides for my list so that's good!

Keep an eye on the weather - believe it or not it can get chilly there on Labor Day weekend! I think VF has struggled a bit with their Hallowe'en weekends because by then it can be downright cold.

Have fun and be safe.

It is the SDC Windstorm from Seattle's Fun Forest. It was purchased by Steve Vander Vorste and converted to a portable ride. I think this is its first appearance. Although he does mostly fairs in Texas, the Minnesota State Fair is one he travels to. As previously mentioned, he also owns a spinning mouse--Reverchon, I think.

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*insert drumroll* ;)

Avalanche is not a coaster, but a flat ride like a Mobey Dick if I recall correctly.

I plan on being out at the MNSF tomorrow morning.

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I know this sounds un-Minnesotan, but I've never "got" the state fair. For me, there's just too many people. Haven't gone in many, many years, and really don't have a burning desire to go back.

Most school districts in the Twin Cities do not start up in fall until after Labor Day. As mentioned, the state fair pulls in huge crowds, which should help shorten the lines at Valleyfair and MoA. Every year the fair sets a new attendance record. The state fair's last day is Labor Day - that weekend will be packed at the fair if it's not raining.

As far as weather goes, it's been a very hot August - many 90s - until these last two days when it's been ~70. By Labor Day weekend, who knows. Could be snowing by then.

The fair ride list shows the Crazy Mouse and Windstorm. Both of these are owned by Vander Vorste. The Windstorm is also scheduled to be at the State Fair of Texas this year.

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