Williams Grove, Is there anything left?

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I'm in Hershey, PA this weekend and Williams Grove would only be a 10 mile detour headed back home. Is there anything left there to photograph?

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Aside from a large pile of dirt, I think most everything is still there. :)
Six Flags should have tried that to reduce their debt... sell dirt. Not rides, not land, not parks, just dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. There was always plenty of it in Great Adventure's restrooms, along with a lot of other unsavory stuff.
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^What? You do know your in a Williams Grove thread right?

Speaking of which. I stopped by and got a bunch of pictures. I'll probably have them posted by this weekend.

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Yes, I realize that (not quite understanding what you seem to be getting at).
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Sorry, I mis-read your post.

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No problem, just wondering if I missed something... or went off the deep end with what I said.
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Sorry for the delay. Here is a link to my pics from Williams Grove.

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Funny- and a little sad- how the park looks the same whether it's open or lying dormant for two years.
As of September 18, it'll all be over:

Description: Williams Grove Amusement Park, Mechanicsburg, PA, Tues., Sept. 18th Mack TM Disco Star, TM Paratrooper and gas Twister, Dentzel 3-row MGR w/ menagerie animals, Mack Fun House, Pretzel Dark Ride, Everly Monster, (2) Hampton Umbrella Rides, AH Copter-Space Combo, Shiff Kid Coaster, Pinfari Kid Combo, TM Convoy, Mangels Whip, TiltaWhirl, Laser Tag, Playport, Paddleboats, Misc.

Contact: Norton Auctioneers, www.nortonauctioneers.com at 800-279-9063 or nortonsold@cbpu.com Ad Owner: By Owner
Ad Posted: 6/8/2007 Ad Category: Major Rides Ad Reference Number: 31261

A time to say good-bye.....

Does the Laser Tag include the old chapel building it was housed in? :)

Seriously, I hope that at least the Twister ride ends up somewhere nearby (cough, cough, Knoebels, ahem something stuck in my throat there) and I hope the Carousel is well taken care off. That's very early 20th century (as in 190-something) isn't it?

I'm sure the gang from KG will be down for the sale, although everything there is in deplorable condition mechanically. The carrousel is a 1902 or close-to-that DC Muller, although Mickey sold off the wood animals and had fiberglas ones made for it, possibly after the '72 flood.

Aside from the Twister, Monster, (what's left of)the carrousel, and the Pretzel, and maybe the Allotria, there's not much worth buying. It appears they've already sold a few of the other rides (at least they're not on the list).

Should be an interesting auction, though. Wonder if they'll be selling piles of dirt this time....

Selling dirt is a good idea. This week i have to get 4 cubic yards of dirt, which is like 5.6 tons. 180.00 for a pile of dirt. Maybe CLP should sell dirt.

I wish I'd gone to Williams Grove when i had the chance.

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Sad, but not very surprising. I figured it would come to this.

I imagine Knoebels will be well-represented at the auction, and I certainly wouldn't mind if the Twister went to Elysburg to accompany their wooden coaster of the same name. As much as I loved the park, I doubt there is much of value there- perhaps a few rides like the Paratrooper and Musik Express that can be used to supply parts for other rides. I'm sure the Cyclone will be demolished, as I don't even see it listed for sale.

I am so happy that I got there back in 2004 when I thought that was the end of the road for the park.

I was also lucky enough to get there the last year it was open.

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Just because I am an antique-carousel enthusiast:
Williams Grove Park, Mechanicsburg, PA, Muller (Frame only), 1905?


gator, got to ride THIS one yesterday: Davenport Park, St. Augustine, FL, C. W. Parker, 1927, Frame 1927

That Twister at WG was INSANE...partly because of *really good* operators :)

Dark ride, walk-thru, and Disco Star *should* all get new homes...

I'm glad I got to the park once, but missed the Cyclone on a trip in 2003. Cyclone happened to be down that day due to a busted coupling between cars. I would have liked to have ridden at at least once.
A busted coupling? I'm surprised they didn't replace it with one of those rubber bungee cord things or a rusty chain. Doubt it would have made much of a difference.

They also could have run the thing with one car, then it would have looked really funny.

I notice there was no mention of the garden pixies in the inventory. Gonch obviously got to the auctioneers ahead of time.

I was waiting to see the following ad listed: One wooden roller coaster with guy wire. Buyer must provide own tree to attach wire.

The flea market in a defunct amusement park is an interesting concept. They may want to hold off on the auction. Open a handful of rides for the flea market patrons.

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