Williams Grove Auction-- Any News?

IIRC, the auction for the rides, etc. at Williams Grove was supposed to be held this past weekend, wasn't it? Did anyone go, hear anything, or have anything to report?

Just wondering where some of the rides may have ended up going.

I'm curious as well, both what rides went up and what parks might have purchased some, if any.
Last night on the local CBS news (WHP TV 21) I saw that they did hold the auction yeterday afternoon. Not sure what all was sold but earlier this year the local paper (Patriot News) said they were not selling the carousel. They mentioned this when announcing the relocation of the former Silver Spring Flea Market.
An email I received reported the following:

Paddle Boats- Sorry, didn't get the price. There were 10 of them.
Mack Skooters-12 cars + building(although I believe the cars were actually Reverchon)-$2000
Mack T.M. Disco Star (like Flying Bobs)-$4500
1995 Otterbacher concession trailer-$19000
Lazer Tag System-$500
Sellner Tilt, cable drive-$4500
Pinfari Kiddie Combo-$3000
Herschell Helicopter/Space Capsules-$3000
Mangels RotoWhip-$3000
Hampton Umbrella Motorcycles-$4000
Schiff Hi-Lo Kiddie Coaster-$3500
Kiddie Ferris Wheel Frame (supposedly with cars)-$1250
Hampton Umbrella Carriages(?)-$8250
1996 Zamperla Convoy, T.M.-$13500
Eyerly Monster (ex-Kennywood)-$3500
Mack "Allotria" Walk-thru Funhouse-$5000
1905 (?) D.C.Mueller Carousel, fiberglas menagerie animals, stationary-$50000
Herschell Twister, T.M., Gas powered-$1700
Mack Musik Express-$40000
Krakor Chair Swing-$10500
Baaker (?) Paratrooper, T.M.-$5000
Playport Kids Play area-$1250

That's all. The Pretzel, the waterslides and the Cyclone coaster were not sold. The CP Huntington train and go-carts were apparently sold earlier, along with the Schwartzkopf Wildcat coaster. Many went to a buyer from Mississippi, the rest unknown. All rides except the kiddie ferris wheel and Mack skooters were operated prior to the bidding, so all sold as operating condition.

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I sure hope someone re-opens Allotria. one of the best walk-thrus i've done...

Not too surprised at the (high) price on the Musik Express, it was one of the few rides there that wouldn't seem out-of-place at a larger park. The Carousel, well, apparently people DO recognize the value in those antique rides - when is Will K. going to buy one for Pat?

I'd have LOVED to have bought the Herschell Twister...as long as the *expert* operator came with the ride... ;)

Gator, I agree about the Twister. There were a few expert operators working there. Once I rode it, there was a different operator standing at the control than when we got on. I know I wasn't THAT dizzy.

I was hoping Knoebels would get the Twister to add to their classic ride area. They do know a thing or two about gas-operated rides. :)

From the news story:

"A seasonal run for the Haunted House, water slide, and large roller coaster is still being considered."

Hmmm. Just Hmmmm.

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I am having a REALLY hard time believing that they can get Cyclone recertified.

I tend to think that a non-operational season, much like the case of Clementon's JackRabbit, might very well have been the death-knell. I would really LIKE to be wrong about that...but it's my understanding that a non-operational ride coming back on-line has to meet the CURRENT code, not the code that it opened under originally. Somehow I think a tree being considered *structural*....might not meet muster.

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