Will Six Flags Survive?

I can't ever imagine that day were six flags dies, because I live next to one of the best Six Flags, and thats Great America. I know this is a touchy subject for some people, but if this new owner fails and the debt is not paid off what happens then. Yes, they have gotten alot better with hospitality, but it seems to not be drawing the crowds they want which is familes. So what else can they do to draw familes? They have already killed our wallets with their prices. The only thing they could go up on is their season passes, because if you buy them for next year at the end of this year you get a great deal(almost like a steal). Who would but them out from here, or would they sell the parks one buy one? I know I'm thinking years down the road, but what if happens. Think of all the different season passes you would have to buy?
Where are you getting your information from? I have been going to SFNE and Gradv alot this season and attendance is way up despite the lousy weather in the northeast. The new kids areas they have added which includes Wiggles world and soon to open Thomas town has increased the families attendence at both parks. Mr Shapiro is definitely turning things around and with all the new corp sponsers coming to the chain they are right on schedule with their 5yr plan. I don't think you have to worry about them failing and SFI will be around for along time.
I have seen awsome changes already at SFMM and SFOT and I think that Shapiro is doing an excellent job and it is only getting better from what I have seen.

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Sorry, but this one very much falls into the realm of absurdity. Six Flags isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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