Will SFGAm be busy this weekend.

I've recently lost 60 lbs and until recently I've been forced to take a hiatus from riding coasters. .

That is awesome... congratulations! May I ask how you lost the weight?

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To being an "us" for once - instead of a "them".

All crew members at every park should be trained by the Fury crew.

I was at SFGAm last Sunday as my trip report says...It got quite busy. What might make Sunday busier this weekend is the weather on Saturday is supposed to be lousy while Sunday is supposed to be sunny and 50.

While I was there, I rode Goliath with someone who lost 15 pounds before coming to the park so he could ride Goliath. Happy to report that his effort paid off and the lap bar closed with ease.

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Gastric Sleeve surgery

I didn't take my own advice and went to Cedar Point this Sunday even after an extremely lousy weather Saturday. Even the FL line for SV was full. Rode Magnum, ate one of my included meals and walked around for a few hours. I left at around 4.

As far as $500 to get into an amusement park, where is this place I need to avoid like the plague because I have never been to a park that is worth even paying more than $50 to get into for the day?

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Isn't Discovery Cove on that order? For our family, we're paying about $200/person/day to go and stay at Disney, but we feel like we're getting a steal.

Edit: And when you factor in airfare and lodging, I've definitely spent $500 to be at a park for a day. There were a couple of times (3 actually) that I flew cross country to Magic Mountain when X was supposed to open. The first two it was down when I got there. I learned not to book a trip around a single ride the hard way.

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^Day pass plus swimming with the dolphins is anywhere from $160-$300...No fast pass system there, but they DO offer an alcoholic beverage package.

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