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I read today that Will Moschke, our slithernoggin, has passed away.
We haven’t heard from him on this site since March. I know a while back he left Chicago to live with his dad, and spoke recently of leaving small town life for someplace bigger. He had been in ill health for a while, though.
He was a fun, kitchy fellow, and loved his association with ACE and CoasterBuzz. We had many great on-line conversations and I’ll miss his presence here and on FB.

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I literally just noticed the other day that he hadn't posted on Facebook for a while and wondered what was up.


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He is one of a few regulars that I have noticed have not posted in a long time. Sad to hear the bad news.

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He's the one who worked for many years in the BMG box office in Chicago, right? That's sad. I'm trying to remember if he indicated that he was sick. Looks like he had not posted since early in the year.

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Like Gonch, I had wondered recently why he had not posted for sometime, but over on Pointbuzz; we had some great conversations on there. It was just a passing thought a few weeks ago. And yes, Jeff, he worked at a box office, and often told stories based on his interactions with the public.


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Yes, that was his job for years. He liked that job, he frequently mentioned that he was o the autism spectrum and that job helped him focus.
He also did quite a bit of editorial work for ACE and enjoyed that sort of stuff.
His humor was odd and old fashioned- he loved Dorothy Parker and Groucho Marx.
He lived with his dad in Shelby, Michigan which I believe is in the western part of the lower, near Muskegon.

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Sad to hear.

I never communicated with him one on one, but he seemed like a good person. He wasn't very old, was he? Maybe 40s?


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This is really sad to hear. He was definitely a treasured part of this community and he always had some great insights. I only ever knew him on here, but this is such a great community that I value greatly, so losing a member of it is hard. I’ll definitely miss having him around, and I know a lot of people will as well.

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kpjb, he always talked about how old he was and all I wanted to say was “Son, please...”. I think he was in his 50’s, maybe mid. I’ll try to find out, I don’t see an obit yet.
Btw, amongst contenders of a place for him to move, Pittsburgh was near the top of the list. He thought it would be great to “have Kennywood in his backyard”.

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That’s sad. I feel like he’d posted more recently than he had. He was always pretty active here and I know I enjoyed reading his point of view on things.

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That sucks. I appreciated his contributions to the community and it always sucks when we lose anyone.

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I hate the idea of 2020 being someone’s last year on Earth, but I hope Will’s was happy and peaceful.

He was 57.

Wow, far too young. Sobering to read this.

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