Will Be At Knoebels Sat 5.13.06

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A pre-trip report for any Buzzers who may also be at Knoebels tomorrow. If you see me say, "Hello". I'll be the big tall guy wearing the Bound Brook baseball hat, with the video/camera equipment. I'm hoping the weather hold well enough to get some good POV vids for the forthcoming Knoebels fansite I'm working on. I'll be looking for someone to do the Looper with me, since I'll be going it alone this trip. I'll get lots of pix too & hopefully have the whole site up in the next two weeks.

Hope to see ya there,

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Sounds pretty cool, hope the weather holds up and Im excited to hear about a Knoebels fan site. Good luck with that as well. The only other fan site for knoebels is AirPheonix. Its a great park and Im suprised it doesn't have more. Can't wait to see it!
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Tomorrow is WVIA day @ Knoebels (the local public TV station). A big tall guy wil probably stand out among all the toddlers and moms who will be there to see Arthur the Aardvark. :)

On the bright side, an all day pass was advertised in our local paper as being only $17.00. I don't know if that's for "station members" only or for everyone.

i can't wait to see the site. I will be down there on Sunday though. I couldn't get work off at the last minute. I will be posting to my site shortly throughout the year of various parks in pa and who knows what else. check it out. www.placeswecouldgo.com

Rob Mosley

Cool on the price discount! And thanks for the encouragement for the site - I teach web design, architecture and other fun stuff at Bound Brook High School in NJ, so I think all the buzzers will like it when it is finished. I have over a 1000 pictures from last year, but really want to get some nice video this season.

I'm 36, 6'4" and will be wearing a Rush "Moving Pictures 1981 World Tour Concert Shirt" that should narrow it down some. I'm shooting for a noon arrival as I have 2 1/2 hour trip up. I live for the Flyer, so I'll try to hit it up on the even hours 2-4-6-8.

Looking forward to seeing everyone - as well as the Looper running (was last up when they were putting it together last year) & Flying Turns construction.

I'll check in Saturday before I leave & Sunday night with a full trip report. For anyone else driving up this weekend, there is a college graduation in the area, so hotel rooms are double normal rate. I'm actually crahing all the way down in Frackville so I can go back on Sunday if I want or just head home or to Dorney - see what I feel like doing. *** Edited 5/13/2006 3:25:07 AM UTC by njmax***

Lary (NJMAX) Coming soon - Knoebels Fansite: KnoebelsKrules.com
Going to Knoebels? LORD help you! Drink lots of coffee so you dont fall asleep at that place!
Just because Knoebels doesn't have a 400ft super strata Launch coaster with 8 loops DOES NOT mean that its a boring park. Knoebels has more to do than most big name chain parks. Knoebels does an excellent job keeping the word "park" in the term "amusement park."
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T-W-I-S-T-E-R: Jeff was being funny and sarcastic while making reference to some troll who last month posted that "Knoebels was a snoozefest." He probably should have included a smiley in his post ;)
Hope you had fun! Who graduated today, Bloomsburg? :)

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

Actually, I think BU did have graduation today. I probably should know since I live here..

I really need to get to Knoebel's. I was only there twice last year, which really does suck since I only live 20 minutes away. That's another reason why I can't wait until I get my license...

Also, nice to hear someone is starting a Knoebel's fan site. I'll be looking forward to it!

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The Trip Report:

Fun day at Knoebels, got a late start on the morning, so I didn't roll into the park till about about 1:00. For those of you coming in from the East, looks like another year of PA road construction (hit it on 80 on Saturday & on 78 coming home Sunday). Even though it was overcast, with on and off showers the park was a packed as I have scene it since I was up on Memorial Day weekend a couple of years ago. Turn out the local PBS station give out passes for people who contribute donations that are only good on the Saturday before Mother's Day. Since the park was packed, all rides were running a max capacity all day, so even though there were longer than normal lines the big rides were moving quick. Some of the limited load flat rides just weren't worth the wait for a ride - Looper and Satallite 8-10 cycle waits.

As for my day, since I was planning on shooting video - it was more of planned day than, just get in as many rides as possible. After getting my day pass only $17.00 - I headed over to Flyer, as it is always my first ride of the day. The wait was four cycles, but it's Flyer so it just build up the excitement. Looked a little slow while I was waiting, but once I was on, it was the same old Flyer. As a side note: after talking to the ops last year they had mentioned there was a plan to replace or rebuild the old Cummins engine for this year - look like it was refurbed and repainted for the new year - but not replaced. Car 4 was my best ride of three for the day, for those like me who think some cars are better than others.

After Flyer, I headed over to the Flying Turns construction site. Took about 10-15 minutes of video of the site. Seeing it in person gives you a much better idea of what is going on, versus the webcam. I didn't realize that the loading station will be over by the bridge to Twister, I thought it would be by the Looper. From where the footers are, it also looks like there will be room for another rider between Looper & FT, but would heve to be a small footprint - maybe a classic Zipper or something like that (purely speculation). It was pretty neat to see all the wood track being prepped in various stages for the project.

Next two stops were Twister and Phoenix. I waited for front row on both for obvious reason. The filming on both came out great, as I was took a peak when I was dumping the video on the computer. Like a lot of people I wasn't super impressed with the ride of Twister when it first openned, but over the last couple of years the ride has really won me over. It was quick and smooth and just felt great. Phoenix was a quick line, but long - only a real wait if you wanted to be in front or back. The air time was typical Phoenix and always a great ride. I hit Phoenix twice more later in the day in the middle rows.

After the coasters I got some perogies for lunch and roamed the park for a while getting some of the flats then headed back over to Flyer. I then headed to the Pioneer Train for a quit break - boy was I in for a surprise!

Though the trian would be a nice vid and a quit ride - till it crashed. Actually it derailed on the way back to the station right under the waterslides. At first it seemed like the engine was giving out, like a transmission was slipping, but then everyone started screaming to stop the train. Then I turned around to see the next to last car's back wheels were off the track and everyone was starting to get off. Little by little a bunch of staff came out to the train to help the situation, since they were running three trains, they had to back the most recent trian to the station and let everyone off and come and get our train, the the other train. I offered them the video in case they needed it, but since no one was hurt, they didn't seem to interested. In fact it was the first time I was ever surprised by Knoebels - in that they didn't say anything to us on the train that derailed when we got back. They didn't apologize, or say anything - that surprised me.

After the train accident, it started to rain a little heavy, I headed back to the jeep to drop of the camera and went back for a few more rides, by then the time was closing in and I headed back to the hotel. Today was looking iffy - so I headed back to Jersey. Drive by Dorney about 10:30 this morning it looked quit, didn't even see anything being tested. All in all, it was a fun quick first trip of the year. I got some good video - I'll try to get it posted this week. I think all the buzzers will like the coasters and the flying turns stuff.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Lary (NJMAX) Coming soon - Knoebels Fansite: KnoebelsKrules.com
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Mamoosh said:T-W-I-S-T-E-R: Jeff was being funny and sarcastic while making reference to some troll who last month posted that "Knoebels was a snoozefest." He probably should have included a smiley in his post

*I* got it without a smiley....then again, I need a life... :)

I lost track of who thought Knoebels really is a snoozefest and who doesn't. I guess I nodded off in there somewhere.
/\ lol. Sorry to bring up this older topic, just wondering if there is any news about knoebelskrules.com? -Thanks :) *** Edited 7/12/2006 4:40:02 PM UTC by P18***

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