Wildwood: 7/31

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This is my first TR so bear with me it might be crappy. I was staying in Cape May for the week so i went down Tuesday afternoon to get some credits and a few rides.

Doo Wopper-Walk on.One of the more intense crazy mouse rides I have been on but it was a little too rough on some of the turns.

Flitzer-20 min wait. I was surprised with the compactness and the smothness of the ride but it was overal it was a calm ride. The log flume like trains were pretty neat and gave a "laying down" affect while on it.

Great Nor'Easter-Walk on. The ride has gotton very rough since the last time I rode it but i think the lift hill is worth the headbanging. The entire lift hill is right below one of the water parks and you get a great view of the ocean. Definatly the best lift hill I have been on.

Log Flume(dont kno real name)-5 mins. Wow is all i could say after i got off of this ride. I never thought a log flume could be so fun but this one did it for me. This one had two drops instead of the normal 1. The ride moved in and out of a water slide complex and the Great Nor'Easter which could have been some really neat pictures if i had a camra. The drops also gave me some buterflys which was surprising.

Rollies Coaster- Walk on. This ride was another one of the more shocking rides. I was expecting major head banging due to the uneaded shoulder pads but had none. The ride was a tad slow but the first 2 dips had a nice amount of air.

Sea Serpant- Walk on. Not much to say bout this one.One of the rougher boomerang coasters I have been on. I think the station was the best looking station i have seen though... great architecture(sp?).

Great White- Walk on to 5 mins. This ride was the highlight of my trip to wildwood. I think this coaster is extremly underrated. The amount of air time is perfect, the amount of rougness is perfect and the setting is perfect...this coaster is the perfect woodie.I dont usually use the word perfect with alot of coasters but this one blew me away. Everytime i got off the ride all i saw was happy faces on people so this is definatly a people pleaser The drop under the peir is a cool bonus start also

Oh yea almost forgot Great White was having problems with its breaks so i was stuck on the lift hill for about half-an-hour. The park handled the situtation great and sent a person up the lift to make sure everyone was ok and after the train got back to the station they had a person who gave all the people a ticket for a free all day pass so that was really cool.

Overal i thought the staff was very good considering it was teenagers but the people in the area were a little "wild" but you have to expect that since its in downtown Wildwood. The amount of rides on the peirs are amazing and the compactness in some areas is also very cool. Um... thats pretty much it. Im looking forward to using my free pass another day down there this summer though.

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