Wildfire To Stay

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It was recently confirmed that the Land and Environmental Court, which annulled Kolmarden Zoo's permit for Wildfire last October, has decided that the ride should stay, "It would be silly for us as a municipality to punish one of our largest employers unnecessarily, which means that they would have to consume money and time on something that disadvantages the unfavorable Norrkoping", says municipal Reidar Svedahl.

Source: http://www.svd.se/inget-flis-av-kolmardens-wildfire

Thoughts on the whole situation?

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I think I can't read Swedish.

It's hard to say exactly what the situation was as all reports I've seen have been brief and without substantial detail. That said, IF there was a substantial environmental impact, it's a shame.

Nonetheless it seems like the city/municipality wised up and realized that tearing it down at this point would only cause a series of new and additional problems.

I'm happy -- this is a bucket-list credit for me.

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Does seem odd that it was BEING built and the municipality had nothing to say, it opened and nary a peep, and then out of the blue, "stop running that ride!" Good to see they've recognized the beneficial impact of the amusement park on the local economy (green jobs FTW)....

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^^^If you use Chrome, it will ask if you would like to translate the page.


Maybe later...

Little sketchy, but here is Googles translation.


If I had the means this would certainly be one on my list. I was looking at this coaster on IMDB. I wonder why they didn't illustrate the support structure under the lift and first drop accurately in the illustrations of it.

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RCMAC said:

I think I can't read Swedish.

I brought along a translator:

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Kulmerdee-a du nut teer Vildffure-a Kulmerdee-a

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Wow! Busy Saturday...^....

But I have to express my gratitude. I can read it now, so thanks!

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All I can think of is Tom Green.

"My bum is on the Sweeeedish, Sweeedish"

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