Wild Waves and Enchanted Village -- good times, but no thrills.

Originally planning for Silverwood, we saw rain in the forecast and decided to visit on a warmer weekend. Instead, we spent a rainy Sunday (June 24) exploring Seattle's Pike Market and other tourist areas. On Monday (June 25), we visited Wild Waves and Enchanted Village between Seattle and Tacoma.

The waterpark dominates the attractions. From the front gate, you have to walk through the waterpark to get to the amusement park rides. Management operations emphasize water park operations over amusement park operations. Despite mild weather (low-70's), most waterpark attractions were fully staffed and operational, while two big coasters and several other rides were closed all day. We rode the open coasters - Wild Thing (Arrow Loop and Corkscrew) and the Kiddie Coaster (Zamperla Tornado).

Food was expensive ($8+tax for a chicken fingers and fries or cheeseburger and fries). But the local cherries we bought in Seattle made an excellent parking lot snack.

Amusement park comments:

  • It’s beautiful, full of very tall pine trees. Compared to parks in Northeast, the trees are not as broad, but are several times taller.
  • Operations staff are young, but definitely empowered to enforce the rules. They measured kids carefully, and parents did not argue when junior was too short. They also stopped rides to remove rule-breakers. Rather than calling security, the ride ops shouted to the other riders, “See this guy in the grey jacket. He broke the rules and I had to stop the ride. Remember that when you see him around the park later today.”
  • When lines were short, ride operators extended ride times or allowed guests to stay on for another cycle.
  • Their big woodie (Timberhawk) and wild mouse (Klondike Gold Rusher) were closed all day. :( No maintenance staff were working on them, so it was likely a management decision.

Waterpark comments:

  • Yes, they heat the water! (No shockingly-cold Dorney Park experience here.)
  • Not the tallest or longest waterslides I’ve ridden, but there is excellent variety.
  • A couple of the body-slides had some cracks that scratched our backs, but most (including the speed slides) were well-maintained and comfortable.
  • The tube-rides were excellent.
  • The wave pool is a bit small – I expect it gets totally jammed with people on hot summer days.
  • The Hooks Lagoon play area (aimed at ages 6-12) was very popular.

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