Wild Trip MIA and unexpectedly to SFGAM. 8/25/02

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Decided to meet Kneemeister a Muskegon and get my Timber's fix. Well We got there at 11 and parked (Dave left his car at a park and ride) we got in, walked on Corkscrew which was smoother then last time I rode it We then walked on Wolverine Wildcat which is definitely one of the two good S and D coasters I have rode (The other is Thunder Run) too bad it has very little force.

We then got on Timber's which is why I came, I needed my fix. We rode front seat Blue Train (Is there any other train) Excellent as always with great ejector/floater. John Jay the op recognized me from last time I was there.

From Timber's were rode the Trabant and Falling Star followed by Mad Mouse which is definitely one of the better mouses out there.

Next up was Zach's Zoomer which is better then the Beastie/Ghoster Coaster Junior Allen's which it is modeled after.

At about this time we realized it was 12, thats right we rode everything in 1 hour. What to do? We decided to drive the 4 hours (We thought) to SFGAM as we didn't think we would get there again this year. We rode Timber's two more times, the highlight the ejector filled ride in the back of the blue train. We were out of there before 1.

Onto SFGAM, we figured that by gaining an hour we would do ok and get to SFGAM at about 4 their time. We headed down 31 and finally I-94 and left David's car off at the train station in New Buffalo. We hit alot of traffic in Chicago but that is normal and we got to the park an hour later then we thought. 5 instead of 4, they closed at 9. What could we get in?

The place was pretty full but everybody was making a mass exodus out of the park. We headed to V2 the line was very long, we would save that for the last ride but at least it was running and I was finnally going to brake my impulse curse. (S:UE, and V2 were down everytime I went) We walked by Deja Vu where the train is still sitting forlornly between the loop and cobra roll it's pretty though, the last time we were here Deja Vu was valleyed, imagine that.

First ride AE backwards, 10 minute wait. The first drop is so big that it scares the crap out of you backwards. I didn't think we would ever hit the bottom. Great air on the outbound hop and then the helix which we barely braked before. Great air back in but then we just about stop before the final helix. Dave thought wew were back in the station. LOL Anyway the ride is 100 percent better then last time I rode it.

Next up Raging Bull backseat 20 minute wait. Awesome amazing Airfilled and force filled ride, not what I remembered. The brakes on the third hill Killed it there however. No brakes before the figure 8.

Next up Viper Seat 1-3 20 minute wait, the most underrated woodie on the planet. An amazing amazing ride, just what I remebered.

Next up WHIZZER!!!!!! Whizzer is so fun and much better then any normal mine ride I have ever rode. The close to the ground turns in wide open cars are just too cool.

8 o'clock time for V2, second seat. We almost got on when there was a problem , apparantly someone bled on one of the restraints, nice. They got it all dissinfected cleaned up whatever and we finally got on. The launch of the pre castrated Wicked Twister seemed stronger but man I love impulses. I don't know if I do like the back twist through the supports better then the holding brake but who cares, this ride is great.

Hey we have time left lets ride Batman. We got on in the backseat, pitch dark, right side of the train. WOW Arguably the most intense ride ever. I got off and wondered what just happened to me. This beats all my other other inverts except Raptor. The theming is impecable and adds so much.

We got off Batman at 9:56. Not a bad 3 hours and 56 minutes. Sometimes these trips are the most fun, great time and a great park. SFGAM is the way all Six Flag's should be. Beautiful, clean, freindly employees. Very CP like and definitely in my top 5 parks.

All I need is 4.5 million bucks and a half a mile long sliver of land and maybe someone could build me my very own Shivering Timbers. ;)

Sounds like a fun trip. When are they going to get Deja Vu un-valleyed?


When they make the Arrow Pipeline at Cedar Point. Haha!

Take it up a notch, Mr. Operator! I wanna feel my brains in my feet!

MY what an interesting day you had!

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

I forgot to mention that ten miles before I got back home at 3 AM I was stopped by a cop for going 64 in a 55. I mean come on, I think he was just checking to see if I was drunk or whatever plus the fact that I had Michigan plates and I was in Ohio. It was 3 AM. Anyway he just gave a me a verbal warning once he looked at my License and realized I was local even if it was Michigan. I do live right on the line after all.

All I need is 4.5 million bucks and a half a mile long sliver of land and maybe someone could build me my very own Shivering Timbers. ;)

Yes, Ohio state troopers are very anal with traffic stops. I found myself doing the speed limit down the Ohio Turnpike the whole way to Cleveland. That sucked!!!!

Ric Flair was hitting on the female host, he told her - "Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it has the longest line." WOOOOO!

This wasn't a state trooper. it was Pioneer City Police, basically my home town.

The Beast and Night, They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

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