Wild Escape Status?

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Anyone know anything about the status of Wild Escape? Is it still looking to be built? Has any work at all been done? Anything? Anyone?

In case you don't remember, here's some refreshments:

Wild Escape Theme Park announced (July 2006)

Wild Escape is a "done deal" (August 2006)

Or was this one as bogus as initially specualted?

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I thought this one had the "full faith and credit" of some outfitter - Cabela's was it? - and was more *solid* than say, Only in America, Don King's ill-fated attempt at a theme park...

Hehe, all in good fun, kids... ;)

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I found this blog written back in October. To quote part of it, 'The future looks bleak for Wild Escape.'
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Ahh. Crazy stuff.

Like Gator, I always thought this one seemed more solid than some of the other plans we've seen/heard over the years.

Near the end of last year they were still trying to get a permit from Army Corp. of Engineers - that could be a major delay and problem if they don't deal with it efficiently now.
I've heard something on the local news the other day about fines the ACoE may have against them for performing work that they don't yet have permits for. Here's a story from our local paper. It's a little old. http://www.news-register.net/page/content.detail/id/52964.html

Hey Gonch, Did you used to be involved with Wrestlepalooza or Lords of Pain?

Was it me or didn't I hear that they had already purchased a Euro Fighter for this park?

Also I've heard the COrp of engineers argument as well.


This was in the Sunday paper(1-27-08).


I was at the highlands Saturday and there was nothing going on.

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