Wild Eagle vs X2

I just got back from a trip to Dollywood . I rode "Wild Eagle"on the 29th of December. I rode "X2" last Christmas (2011) at Magic Mountain on the same date. Both are state of the art technology's. Wild Eagle was super smooth with no inverting cars. Everything was rode in a fixed position throughout the entire ride . My brother is 310 pounds all stomach and 6'1 inches tall. He just missed the "test seat" seat belt by about 2 inches unfortunately. I felt the size allowance was pretty generous IMHO for a brand new coaster. If you are 300 pounds and are all stomach and at least 6+ foot tall.... You should fit. I went for the solo effort on this one. This ride is super smooth and has zero scary moments or out of control moments. A very nice designed coaster.... decent G'forces...I would give this flyer a solid 8.5 from a 1-10 scale.

X2 in comparison was a different story. Seats inverting at certain times, and not knowing where the hell you are going make this coaster much better. X2 scared the pee out of my bladder last year. I would give X2 a solid 9 for flying coasters. I am 53 years old and love the newer technology that we have today. I just wonder what is in store for us tomorrow?

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X2 is not something I would call state of the art. Even in its re-do, it's hardly a stellar piece of engineering.

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talon1189 said:

X2 scared the pee out of my bladder last year. I just wonder what is in store for us tomorrow?

Adult diapers?

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While X/X2 has had it's issues, the other 2 built seem to be working just fine after they learned lessons from the prototype. I definitely feel the 4D concept is state of the art.

And people can moan all they want about X. I'd take it over most B&M coasters any day.

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No adult diapers were ever required here ...... LOL!

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X2 is just a bit too rough for me. They just made it from unbearable to uncomfortable. Wild Eagle beats it any day. It executed everything it was meant to do while X2...not so much IMO.

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Yeah, I absolutely *love* the concept of X/X2, but think the execution leaves much to be desired....too much in fact. As I get older, I like being beaten up less and less...

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X2 is such a better ride than Wild Eagle. There is no comparison there. The only way you pick a wing rider over a 4D coaster is if you are not into the intensity factor. I actually have found all of the wing riders to be painful on my shoulders and rather unenjoyable.

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I can't comment on Wild Eagle, but I have ridden Xflight and I think X2 blows that out of the water. I only rode it once but I left X2 feeling great from the entire experience including the rotating seats and especially the music selection/presentation. It surprised me with what it did which is one thing I value highly with coaster riding.

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